Flynn, looking at Wii U (out of shot)

Yesterday's announcement of Skylanders Giants for Wii naturally led to questions of whether or not the game will head over to Wii U, particularly with Wii U's Near Field Communication functions that behave a little like Skylanders' figure-portal doohickey.

Toys for Bob CEO Paul Reiche III was tight-lipped about the possibilities when quizzed at the American Toy Fair, simply saying:

In terms of the Wii U, we're looking at it. All of the details about the NFC technology haven't been released to the public yet, and it's really interesting.

Slim pickings then, with Reiche refusing to talk more about how much experience Toys for Bob has had with the Wii U so far.

Let your Skylanders-Wii U crossovers run wild in the comments below.