The Kacho returns!

Many gaming fans are familiar with GameCenter CX by now. In this popular Japanese TV show, comedian Shinya Arino takes on difficult retro games, generally with the goal of reaching the end before his time is up.

The show is especially popular with Nintendo fans, as not only are most featured games from the Famicom, several exclusive episodes have been available on the Japanese Nintendo Channel and 3DS eShop. If you watched the Japanese edition of Nintendo Direct last week, you might have caught him there as well.

Around June last year, Kotaku announced that it would be showing 12 translated episodes of the show on its site, under the new English name of Retro Game Master. Over the course of the next few months the site showed all episodes, but apparently it didn't turn out to be too profitable for Kotaku, as its licence recently expired and was not renewed, with no plans for future episodes.

But don't worry if you missed them, because Discotek Media has now announced that they will be releasing all 12 translated episodes on DVD. These come with the bonus feature of being able to keep the whole thing in Japanese (with English subtitles), meaning you don't have to listen to the slightly over the top English narration if you don't want to.

We just hope this DVD will be a bit cheaper than the Japanese box sets, because they run for a little over $100 each. Ouch.