What will he challenge next?

If you're a retro gaming fan, you might be familiar with Shinya Arino. Part of a Japanese comedy duo called Yoiko, he began presenting a show called GameCenter CX in 2003, in which he attempts to complete one generally difficult retro game in each episode, as well as visiting a different arcade in Japan every time.

Recently, Arino has even partnered with Nintendo to play some Wii Virtual Console games, as well as the two 3D Classics currently available on 3DS in Japan.

Despite the success of the show (it's currently in its 15th season) the West has not had anything similar. In 2009, North America received Retro Game Challenge on the DS, a translated version of a game based on the show, with the manual promising that the show itself would also come westward, but nothing materialised — until now.

Gawker Media has secured the rights to stream the show online, and will be doing as such every Thursday on Kotaku starting June 23. They say they can show an entire season, and can easily acquire the rights to more episodes if it proves successful. There's some conflicting stories on whether the show will be dubbed or simply subtitled, though we hope it's the latter — we don't think anyone can replicate Arino's screams of agony and joy in English.

If you love older games, this is a must-see. Arino has challenged games like the infamous Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 and Ghosts 'n Goblins, and even though he isn't much of a professional gamer he usually manages to pull through, though it can very frequently take him over half a day.

Keep an eye on Kotaku to catch the episodes. They'll air every Thursday at 8 PM EST.

[source kotaku.com]