Last year we gave you Victini and Pikachu Super Pokémon Rumble codes, or Pokémon Rumble Blast for those of you in North America. Nintendo has continued to provide additional toy codes, and we've decided to catch 'em all so you don't have to.

We've taken all of the new codes from both the UK and U.S. websites as they vary per region. Remember to talk to Munna in the game's second town, Easterly Town, enter the codes and you'll be told where to find your 'mon. We've checked all of these through the 3DS browser, and the rather nifty 3D web pages, and as they've been officially provided by Nintendo you can use them guilt-free.


Audino: 74628687
Dialga: 36819208
Eelektross: 64916130
Emboar: 63069222
Garchomp: 10279741
Groudon: 71329643
Lugia: 34673843
Oshawott: 80848937
Zoroark: 61501893
Samurott: 37919675
Serperior: 80477639
Snivy: 49416440
Stunfisk: 40747455
Tepig: 54870833
Unfezant: 06326305

North America

Audino: 01761458
Dialga: 34026485
Eelektross: 21594650
Emboar: 56627748
Gallade: 35356928
Garchomp: 19594010
Gliscor: 96257845
Groudon: 06811611
Lugia: 04424822
Moltres: 87147361
Samurott: 24522129
Serperior: 71114427
Snivy: 08357338
Stunfisk: 64823610
Tepig: 20618332
Thundurus: 88198699
Tornadus: 02507321
Unfezant: 47139936
Articuno: 23644610
Zapdos: 16754459