Tick tock

Super Pokémon Rumble (known as Pokémon Rumble Blast in North America) is out in Europe today, and to get you off to a great start we have two codes to beef up your Pokédex.

Talk to Munna in the game's second town, Easterly Town, and enter the following passwords to get your special 'mon:

Victini: 90827838
Pikachu: 75805216

There'll be more passwords in the coming weeks.

Read our Super Pokémon Rumble review for the full verdict on this scrappy little number.

Exclusive passwords revealed to unlock some special Toy Pokémon in your game

2nd December 2011 – Befriend over 600 Toy Pokémon in the action-packed 3D world of Super Pokémon™ Rumble, available exclusively on Nintendo 3DS™ today! Select and create your own elite team of Toy Pokémon from those you’ve encountered, and prepare for high-octane action in real-time battles with other Toy Pokémon and giant Boss Pokémon!

As a launch day treat, we are providing you with 2 exclusive passwords to unlock 2 special Toy Pokémon in your game. For Victini enter the following password 90827838 and for Pikachu enter 75805216. Keep an eye out as both Toy Pokémon will appear somewhere in your game; when you find and defeat them in battle, they are guaranteed to befriend you. Ensure you talk to Munna in Easterly Town, which is the second town you’ll visit in the game. After entering the correct password, Munna will tell you where to befriend the special Toy Pokémon. Additional exclusive passwords will also be revealed soon.

In Super Pokémon Rumble there’s an epic adventure awaiting you in the towns and wilds of Toyland, with scores of different Toy Pokémon to befriend. As well as single-player mode, you can team up with a friend and take on the challenge together in co-op mode - and there’s also a Nintendo 3DS StreetPass™ function, which allows you to send your Toy Pokémon Collection into battle against fellow players you pass by in the street!
For many more details and a sneak peek at everything that’s in store for you, head to the official Super Pokémon Rumble website now - www.pokemon.co.uk/rumble

Super Pokémon Rumble is available across Europe now, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. For more information, visit www.pokemon.co.uk/rumble