We've played the first two worlds of Super Mario 3D Land, and so we opened our inboxes to invite questions from you, the information-hungry Nintendo Life readers.

Of course, the game isn't out yet so there are some questions we simply can't answer, but in the interests of fairness we'll reproduce those questions all the same.

Before we commence, make sure you've read our Super Mario 3D Land preview to get a feel for Mario's first 3DS game.

To check out our previous answers, skip ahead to page two. For the fresh information, just keep reading.

Zippy: Are you able to keep your Power-Up after you finish a course, as in the 2D games? Or do you always start every course without a Power-Up, as in the Galaxy games?

You start with your last power-up, but you can harbour another one on the touch screen too. Let's say you're Tanooki Mario and you pick up a Fire Flower — the Tanooki leaf then goes down to the touch screen to use later.

nano43: Is this game like Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario 64 put together? Can you do the spinning move like in the Super Mario Galaxy games? What about the triple jump and the backflip?

Nope, not really: it's more like Super Mario Bros. 3 with a bit of Mario 64 in there. There's no spinning move, but the backflip is definitely in there, although we're not so sure about the triple jump.

Matthew: its been long time Bombshell Koopas came out super marioland 1989 i hope Bombshell Koopas return super mario land 3D why they don't Bombshell Koopas anymore on mario 3D???

Honestly dude, we have no idea.

Alex: Can you tell us a little more about the music used? Lots of new tunes or also old favorites as used in Galaxy 2? What is that level that looks like the very first Super Mario Bros.?

Music is all-new and very catchy in places, with some nods to previous games with things like following the trail of notes and so on. Not sure about the level that looks like Super Mario Bros. — it wasn't available in the preview levels we played.

Gabrielwoj: You know if there are "cameos" in this game? Cameos from other Super Mario games. I know Super Mario Galaxy 2 had some cameos, such as Super Mario 64/Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Sunshine.

Well the whole game is built on traditional Mario levels so it's not really a case of "cameos" but a case of "here's what we've done before with a twist". The Super Mario Bros. Level is a good example of course, but there'll be plenty of bits familiar to veterans of any Mario game.

soylent_system: Does the game in any way make use of gyro controls? If so, what examples have you encountered? Does it work alongside the 3D?

Yes, gyro controls are in. We used them to look through mounted binoculars to get a good view of the level, but we're told that Nintendo hasn't fully revealed the game's gyroscope controls yet, so it's possible there's more to come. As for whether it works with 3D, it does indeed (as long as you're gentle).

Luke: In that one interview with Miyamoto, he mentioned alternate routes that reward the player (and eventually put them back on track). What exactly do these paths contain?

We wrote this about alternate routes in our preview:

As a result they're less field-like than 64's stages; exploration is rewarded with a quick power-up and a prod to get back on track, with alternate routes soon dovetailing together again.

Generally you'll grab a power-up, extra time or a Star Medal and then rejoin the main path of the level. Sometimes you'll get a little bit more to do, but usually it's a power-up and a nudge back.

Kate: Does the game use the pedometer coins in any way? if so-how?

Not any way that Nintendo has talked about yet. Sorry!

Paco: Is the control full 360° or has it only 8 directions?

Total 360º control. Circle Pad was made for this game.

Caleb: Are there multiple battles with Bowser, or do you only play against him on the last level?

We only played one boss so we can't really say yet. However he only appeared in the final stage of World 1, if that helps.

Joe: Do coins count as HP in this game? Or do power-ups?

Power-ups are HP. You start every level as Super Mario — take damage and you go down to "Small Mario". Coins are still there — collect 100 for a 1-up, of course — but health-wise it's all power-ups.

smc: Is the game running at 60fps or 30fps?

A very lovely and completely adequate 30 frames per second.

Sam: Does Mario go to sleep in this game like he does in Mario 64/Sunshines/Galaxy/Galaxy 2?

We didn't wait long enough to find out, we were too busy playing Super Mario 3D Land. Sorry.

Victor: I tend to play the 3Dgames in 2D due to the fact that the 3D really hurts my eyes and gives me a migraine after too long. Does this game have to be played in 3D to get the full enjoyment (example would you need the 3D turned on to make use of items, levels or bosses in the game) or can it be played just as well with the 3D turned off?

Hey, Victor. Sorry to hear about your 3D-induced migraines.

You can play the game very comfortably with 3D turned off: you don't get the 'wow' factor but 3D certainly isn't essential to enjoy the game. Even the stages where 3D is used most effectively — the Escher-like visual puzzles — have a switch to change the viewpoint, so even in 2D mode you can see what you need to do.

AJ: 1. Does the level timer pause when Mario stops to view the scenery? 2. Can you save 3D snapshots of the worlds to the SD card? (similar to the snapshot function in Smash Bros?)

1. No.
2. Afraid not.

Ron: 1. Since the game has illusion puzzles, it is harder to figure out those puzzles w/ the 3d effect (turned) off 2. What power-ups(old, & new) are present? 3. Are the levels short-burst style of gameplay, or long? I mean clear in 3 minutes vs. clear in 5-10 minutes?

1. At first glance yes, you'll struggle, but then you can step on the camera switch to change things around.
2. Fire Flower, Tanooki Suit, Propeller Block, Starman, Boomerang Suit, Super Tanooki suit — available after five deaths, this makes you into an invincible Tanooki Mario for a short time — and the P Block, which transports you to the Goal Pole after eight deaths.
3. Short-bursts mostly. Some will take longer of course — we've only played the first two worlds.