Dragon Quest X and the Lengthy Japanese Subtitle: Online

The revelation of Dragon Quest X for Wii and Wii U came with some uncertainty: will the game be fully playable offline, and will it require a subscription fee to play online? Now a Square Enix FAQ has answered the questions, with mixed results.

According to AndriaSang, the document claims that you'll need an Internet connection to get past the first few hours of the games, contradicting reports yesterday that you'll be able to finish the game offline with non-playable characters. Whether you need to party up with other online players or can finish it all solo is yet to be confirmed, but evidence points towards the former at the moment.

The other big revelation is that the game will require a subscription fee to play online. It's worth bearing in mind that Japanese users had to pay to play Monster Hunter 3 (~Tri) online too, but those fees were dropped when it came to the Western world.

Japanese magazine V Jump is promising more information on the game later this month. Here's a brief video from the press event yesterday:

[source andriasang.com]