The 3DS price cut tomorrow might spur more people into picking up the console, but it won't matter a thing if the software isn't there to support the console in the longer-term. That shouldn't be a problem with Super Mario 3D Land set to launch in November this year, though.

Director Yoshiaki Koizumi recently spoke to Official Nintendo Magazine about his plans for the game and hinted at a few details yet to be revealed about the game.

While he didn't confirm the number of levels available in the upcoming 3D adventure, he did state that the team's emphasis is on replaying those levels multiple times. Could we see a Stars-like system implemented to encourage players to revisit each stage? Koizumi said that this focus on replayability might influence players' perception of how many levels there actually are in the game, a particularly cryptic statement that hints on a smaller line-up of levels played repeatedly.

Koizumi also deftly dodged the question of whether there'd be a Super Mario Galaxy-style hub to access stages:

We always try to use what is appropriate for the tempo of the game, so while a hub was appropriate for Mario Galaxy, it might not be appropriate for a game like Super Mario 3D.

Sounds like hubs are out, but what about power-ups? Koizumi again confirms familiar powers will return alongside the iconic Tanooki Suit, but kept quiet on the details.

Lastly, it looks like Mario won't be the only playable character in the game: when asked if other Mushroom Kingdom characters would be playable, Koizumi replied:

I hope that's one thing you will look forward to finding out in the future!

We're calling it: enter a special code to play as Birdo.