The Virtual Console news just keeps on coming! This time, two different sources have each revealed one new upcoming Square Enix-published game for Virtual Console.

Coming straight from Nintendo of Europe's site is Final Fantasy III, which will be released on VC in Europe next week. Better known as number VI, like the other two numbered Final Fantasy games available on the service in the West, this one was not originally released in PAL regions, so you can expect to pay an additional 100 Wii Points for it. We assume that North America will get it the week before or after as well.

The ESRB today brings us the first game in a franchise absent from VC up until now: Lufia & The Fortress of Doom. Its sequel recently got a DS remake, so we're not sure if we'll be seeing that anytime soon, but in the meantime this one should keep you quite happy. Like so many other RPGs, this was also not originally released in Europe, so if it makes it over this time, you can expect another price hike.

Square won't have many of their own titles left after these — time to move on to Enix's catalogue?

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