How would Nintendo's second performance play out?

It's been almost two years since Nintendo launched its creative take on the rhythm/music genre with Wii Music and Shigeru Miyamoto has hinted that a sequel could be in the works, or at least some point in the future.

Talking to Techland, Miyamoto spoke about the use of Mii characters in connecting players in Wii Music, and went on to declare:

And there's a lot of potential still in Wii Music, I think. Because we're going to change it up, a new interface is coming, and all of that.

If Wii Music 2 materialises, we might even see the world's most famous plumber make an appearance in some form, although consumers will have to understand the game's concept first before Mario swaps the plunger for a saxophone:

...that's not to say if there's another Wii Music, Mario wouldn't make an appearance. If we get more people to understand what's going on in the game concept, then he might appear in the game. I don't know. But, mostly, Mario is really action-oriented.