1:1 motion control is about to get more colourful

It's usually a given that most Nintendo products will launch in the Motherland first before any other region, but European gamers might want to rejoice as the Wii Remote Plus will be launching in Europe on 5th November, about a week before it launches in Japan.

The Wii Remote Plus has the MotionPlus built-in and has the same dimensions as the standard Wii Remote. In line with the Japanese launch, the super remotes will also be available in the same colours: white, blue, pink and black.

Nintendo of Japan will be replacing the remotes that come bundled with the Wii console with these updated ones when it launches over in the Land of the Rising Sun on 11th November, but it's unclear at this point whether that is the plan for Europe too, although we'd guess it's fairly likely. No word yet on the pricing or whether Europe will be getting the red Nunchuk to go with the limited edition red Wii or not.

[source nintendo.co.uk]