No doubt PGA Tour 12 will need to be something special

EA is one of the industry's juggernauts, thanks to its array of sports franchises that release a game a year across all platforms. Whilst that is potentially lucrative, it's also a double-edged sword as each instalment needs to have significant improvements over the last, otherwise gamers won't have any incentive to buy them. With Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 not selling too well, EA Sports president Peter Moore spoke out about the game's reception.

Talking to GamerZines, Moore expressed his thoughts on the game's sales performance:

It's been disappointing, in particular on the Wii. There's no hiding, because the results are there. The Wii has been a disappointment.

Last season's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 was the first in the series to support the Wii MotionPlus and was one of the big players of the Summer, scoring an excellent review at Nintendo Life. With the Wii version scoring the highest Metacritic score out of all available platforms, coupled with the fact that the Wii MotionPlus was utilised superbly, did EA set the bar too high for itself? Moore goes on to say:

It was a difficult year because we had the Wii MotionPlus bundle the previous year. That was a tremendous platform for us to sell on. We had strong advertising, strong support from Nintendo, both Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America.

Without that support – possibly combined with Tiger's public fall from grace, who knows? – this year's instalment simply hasn't lived up to its predecessor in the sales charts.