Warning: do not use as actual crib.

We've just added some newly released screenshots for Majesco's upcoming showcases of Mama's versatility, Babysitting Mama for Wii and Crafting Mama for DS.

Interestingly, the former will hit stores in a special box the likes of which we've never seen before; the game comes in a crib that it shares with an adorable baby doll. Where's the disc? "Look under baby!" the box suggests.

The game will include 40 activities designed for younger girls including feeding, burping, washing, changing, dressing and massaging the baby (you know that babies love massages), as well as rocking it to sleep and playing peek-a-boo and hide and go seek.

Crafting Mama, rated E for Everyone yesterday by the ESRB, will include 40 projects such as making aprons, mini Mama dolls, paper airplanes, birdhouses, patchwork quilts, earrings, boomerangs, mugs, candles, kaleidoscopes, flower decorations, and even xylophones. Hey, who doesn't appreciate a quality, homemade xylophone?

The saddest sailor of all.

We'll bring you all upcoming information on these two titles. They're set for release in the coming months, Crafting Mama in October and Babysitting Mama in November. Until then, check out the screen shots here and here.

[source joystiq.com]