You know it makes sense

Nintendo and THQ teamed up to create the uDraw GameTablet, the upcoming peripheral for Wii that offers gamers and families the chance to draw on their Wii. Currently only THQ has announced solid software plans, with Pictionary and Dood's Big Adventure confirmed for the peripheral, but there are already rumours surfacing that Nintendo is hard at work at software itself.

According to bitmob and 1up contributor Paul Gale, Nintendo currently has two projects in the works, both of which are too early to reveal. However, Gale did state that:

Both games are designed with the mass market gamer in mind, yet honor the passion of traditional gamers.

Of course that doesn't narrow it down at all, but that's rumours for you. Mario Paint 2 is the first potential title that springs to mind, but what other games do you think would be well-suited to the tablet?