Monster Hunter Tri's event quests keep on bringing the new content, with the new quest Sea Power letting qualified hunters grab themselves the new Rising Soul sword. Fancy your chances? Here's the lowdown straight from Capcom:

The new event quest, Sea Power, throws you into a battle versus two Lagiacrus. This quest is definitely made for seasoned hunters. First, you'll need a hunter rank of at least 40 to join the quest. Second, it's in the water arena. It's sort of like swimming in a kiddie pool with your three friends and a 6,000lb blue alligator. Once you beat the crap out of the first Lagia, you'll be immediately pitted against another.

But hey, it's for a great looking Long Sword. And remember, if you're not hitting your friends when you swing your Long Sword, you're not doin' it right.

The event quest is available in Monster Hunter Tri online right now, and will be up until July 17th. You'll need five total Lightning Tickets to craft the Rising Soul.

Good luck and good hunting.