On PC, The Sims games are sprawling simulators of life's big choices: ambitions, careers, a family and how to decorate your life in the most opulent fashion you can afford. The upcoming version of The Sims 3 on Wii will lose the last part as everybody's favourite chore simulator gets a refresh.

A GamePro preview reveals that players will be unable to design their own home, instead choosing from an assortment of preset houses with changeable interiors. Considering the millions of hours spent by Sims players around the globe designing the perfect mansion for their virtual humans it's disappointing to hear the Wii release won't include such a feature.

One new addition for Wii is a multiplayer mode allowing players to proceed through a story together in an almost quiz show-like fashion. Each player picks a trait for his or her character, and everyone is presented in turn with a situation and various decisions suiting different personality types. The aim is to choose the answer that suits your Sim's personality best, scoring points depending on the answer, whilst the other players try to score points by correctly guessing the decisions you made. It sounds like an interesting diversion, but whether a Sims game will ever match a multiplayer setting is open for debate.

With no construction mode and the multiplayer game included it seems The Sims 3 for Wii is aiming at a very different gamer to those playing the PC version. As more information becomes available we'll start to get a better idea of how well Nintendo's formats can support EA's ultimate sandbox.

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