In time for the 3DS launch?

It hasn't even been a fortnight since Nnooo announced its latest game that puts players in the shoes of a ghost-hunter and it seems that there's something more to look forward to as well. In a recent interview conducted by Cronogenesis, the founder of the Australian developer, Nic Watt, talks about the upcoming Spirit Hunters Inc. Shadow/Light that's due to appear on DSiWare and even touched on the 3DS. Part of the interview dealt with the tantalising closing statement in the announcement press release.

The company states that Spirit Hunters Inc. is scheduled for "a late 2010 release on Nintendo DSiWare and future Nintendo portable devices". With the statement sounding a tad ambiguous, we weren't sure if Nnooo meant a 3DS-specific release will be developed, or if it was simply referring to the 3DS's backwards compatibility. When asked to confirm the intent, here's what Watt had to say:

We are indeed planning on bringing Spirit Hunters Inc to the 3DS as well as the DSi. Our aim with Spirit Hunters Inc is to have two DSi versions and two 3DS versions with the 3DS ones making specific use of the new hardware as well as hopefully containing some new gameplay features too!

So there you have it. We can be sure to expect a 3DS-specific offering that will hopefully utilise the hardware to give us some unique gameplay experiences. With the game planned for release later in the year, the idea of spirits moving in and out of sight with a real sense of depth attached sounds like a wonderfully vivid game to play on the 3DS.

When E3 2010 kicks off later this month, our very own Corbie Dillard will be seeing the DSi version in action so stay tuned for first impressions in just a few weeks.