Get that spirit!

Aussie developer Nnooo has given you the joy of bubble popping and helped you collect your life, and next they hope to help you get a handle on all those meanie spirits floating around.

Titled Spirit Hunters Inc. and coming in both Shadow and Light flavors, it's an augmented reality game centered around capturing and battling spirits in your surroundings using the DSi camera.

System Flaw Recruit took a stab at a similar idea earlier but fell flat on its face, partly because of its simplicity. Hopefully Nnooo's more ambitious take, which sounds closer to Pokemon as opposed to System Flaw's neo-Space Invaders approach, fares better when it hits late this year for DSiWare and "future Nintendo portable devices."

Check out the press release for more information and ogle the image gallery before curling up into a ball in the corner to hide from the invisible spirits as best you can.

Announcing Spirit Hunters Inc.

Sydney, May 21, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: Nnooo announce the development of Spirit Hunters Inc: Shadow™ and Spirit Hunters Inc: Light™ for Nintendo DSiWare™ and future Nintendo portable devices.
Spirit Hunters Inc: Shadow and Spirit Hunters Inc: Light are augmented reality games in which the player works for Spirit Hunters Inc, a mysterious company which specialises in the detection, capture and trade of ghostly spirits.

"Spirit Hunters Inc. is essentially a Role Playing Game set in the real world.", said Nic Watt, Creative Director, Nnooo. "Players use the camera built into their devices to hunt out and battle spirits anywhere in the world. Whether it at the supermarket, shopping mall, home or even on holiday. Spirits are hiding all around us!"

Players will utilise abilities from six elements to battle these spirits: Fire, Water, Ice, Shadow, Light and Fungus. Each element will come with their own strengths and weaknesses.

"As a member of Spirit Hunters Inc, the player must try to track down as many different types of spirit as possible, challenge them in battle and then either defeat them for experience or capture them for credits.", said Watt.

Players can also create unique challenges for each other and trade them via local ad-hoc communications, Facebook™ or email. These challenges will allow friends to offer rare spirits to each other, although the spirit will have to be defeated before a player can create the challenge.

Spirit Hunters Inc. is planned for a late 2010 release on Nintendo DSiWare and future Nintendo portable devices.