Japanese paper Nikkei, a source of many rumours that have been true in the past, is reporting that one new feature of the 3DS will be the ability to copy software from game cartridges onto the 3DS's internal memory, opening up the possibility of a console packed with games and no more lost cartridges.

Of course, this raises several questions. With cartridges confirmed as holding as much as 2GB of data at launch, the machine itself must have a sizeable amount of memory to be able to pull off such a feature.

The second question is how this will affect the console's piracy measures. We already know from a previous report that Nintendo is hoping to step-up the machine's anti-piracy features, but being able to install multiple cartridges on one system seems to be at-odds with that statement, although Nintendo has undoubtedly anticipated this.

One way to interpret this rumour could be that Nintendo is planning to offer complete games for download directly from the wireless store, a system which may improve the console's anti-piracy fortifications. This of course is just a rumour at this point, but we are expecting to hear more about this potential new feature in the near future.

Until we hear official confirmation of this feature from Nintendo it's filed firmly under "rumour", but a portable 3D console that doesn't rely on carrying cartridges around certainly sounds like the future.

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