A (very cheap) artist's impression.

Just as we were reporting on the possible development of an nVidia-powered DSi successor, Japanese website Nikkei has published a news story claiming Nintendo are ready to launch another variant of the console's current iteration, the DSi.

According to the report, the console will boast screens twice the size of its current version, rivalling the PSP-3000's widescreen format, allowing the display of higher resolution graphics and suchlike. Whether or not the machine will receive a boost in the quality of its cameras or size of storage space isn't mentioned, so we'd advise not holding your breath as you'd likely turn blue and die.

If Nikkei speak the truth, the machine will launch before the year's out and cost the same price as the bogstandard DSi, which would certainly be a welcome surprise. At the moment it's not certain whether the console will be released outside of Japan - or even inside it, as this is a story in Nikkei rather than an official announcement. However, they were one of the first news agencies to break the news of the DSi in the first place, so are usually pretty reliable when it comes to Nintendo news.

Thanks to everyone in our forums who picked up on this story.

[source uk.ds.ign.com]