Don't think ripping off Nintendo will be that easy

Nintendo takes a hard stance on piracy, using cartridge-based games for its systems way past their use-by-date. Whilst more difficult to produce illegal copies of their intellectual products, it also imposes a certain limit to how much data the console had access to. With the upcoming 3DS, Nintendo is well aware of the modern age with its p2p mentality and holds its 'security cards' close to its chest.

Satoru Iwata, President at Nintendo of Japan, has recently said that anti-piracy measures have been increased for the 3DS... and that was pretty much it. No further details were expressed in fear of giving software pirates clues as to what these measures are, which could lead to work-arounds. Iwata also acknowledges the way some people are downloading illegal copies of games, on which he blames Europe recent drop in sales:

We fear a kind of thinking is become widespread that paying for software is meaningless... We have a strong sense of crisis about this problem.

The 3DS is planned for release before the end of the fiscal year ending March 2011 and will feature 3D visuals without the need of additional accessories that can be turned off. The company plans to show off the latest system in its handheld line next month at E3 2010.