Classy or trashy?

With its enormous screens and somewhat muted colour palette, the DSi XL is very much aimed at the more distinguished gamer. What about a slightly brighter take on the portable, though? Well, Japan is about to get the first wave of new colours for the XL as these pictures show.

Sticking to simple blue, yellow and green, these new colours put us in mind of the venerable Game Boy Colour and its vibrant palette. They're currently scheduled to brighten up Japanese stores everywhere on June 19th, and importers may be interested to know the console is also in line for a price drop from ¥20,000 ($220) to ¥18,000 ($195), which might sweeten the deal for those of you after a big, bright addition to your console family.

It's not currently known when or if these colours will reach the West, but expect to hear something within the next two weeks.