It's going to be a good one. Believe.

Some of the recent doom and gloom surrounding Nintendo's recent and projected sales results may have put some fans in a melancholic state, but the company's upcoming release schedule should provide a welcome bit of optimism, though as always it's tempered with calls for caution.

Big titles on the list Legend of Zelda and Golden Sun DS (both temporary titles) are both given a surprising TBA date in Japan with a more concrete 2010 release abroad. Bear in mind that refers to the financial year 2010, which ends in March 2011, so don't bank on them both arriving before New Year's.

Famicom Wars DS 2 also appears in the Japanese list though worryingly not Western territories, perhaps leaving the door open for a release in early 2011. Presumed missing Wii adventure Hoshi no Kirby also rears its pink blobby head, with only a temporary title and TBA date to tide over fans of the little puffball.

The schedule also reaffirms that the 3DS will be available before the end of the current financial year in March 2011, though predictably discloses no software for the machine.

There's also a third-party list that sadly seems full of licensed properties, party games and sequels, but with a 2010 line-up that's still to deliver Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M, Golden Sun DS and a new Legend of Zelda game it looks like both machines could recover from their recent sales slumps.