It can be done!

Yes he can; no he can't. Yes he can; no he can't. Anyone who grew up with the NES will know this as the sound of the playground's "is it possible to jump over the flag?" argument that ran all over the world. Now those who were on the "yes he can" side should pick up their phones and ring old enemies to rub salt in the wound: Mario, in fact, can jump over the flag.

GameTrailers' second episode of PopFiction shows the portly plumber gracefully leaping over the flag in World 3-3 and landing unscathed. But what happens next? A grim final procession, Mario continues to run but never makes any progress, passing the same landmarks again and again before time steals his life.

Anyway, check out the video and get calling those old opponents. Unless you were on the "no he can't" side of course, in which case consider changing your phone number.