Have you played Bit.Trip Runner yet? It's rather good and, as we said in our review, "cements Gaijin's reputation as a developer that has repeatedly shown it has a firm grasp on the craft of gaming." You might not actually understand what the game's about though: like previous Bit.Trip titles, it's not abundantly clear at first, but a recent Bitmob interview with Gaijin's Alex Neuse has shone a little light on the story.

Revealing that Commander Video has found human form after years as an ethereal spirit and goodness knows what else, Neuse expanded a little on the meaning behind the game:

It was a very deliberate move that we built up the abstract stuff in the first three games, which kind of represents the abstraction of what it means to be a human. And then we explore what it means to actually play as a human in game number four, with Bit.Trip Runner.

Unless you've got the reflexes of a ninja cat, you may find Runner's depiction of the human experience to be madly frustrating amongst all the rainbows and bars of gold, but that's a pretty accurate representation of the day-to-day here at Nintendo Life.

The rest of the interview makes fascinating reading as Neuse chats about inventing Canabalt before Canabalt, hints for the fifth game in the series and plenty more.

[source bitmob.com]