DSiWare goes high-concept

Another day, another game outed by its ESRB rating.

Today brings the news that Sabarasa (most recently behind Save the Turtles) will be publishing the DSiWare compilation Alt-Play: Jason Rohrer Anthology, which will include Rohrer's indie games Passage, Gravitation and Between (pictured).

The term "game" might be something of a misnomer, as these are not so much games in the traditional sense as they are attempts at interactive art. In Passage, for example, you guide an avatar down what appears to be a linear path. Sounds basic, but there's more to it than that.

If you'd like, you can download all of these for free at Rohrer's Web site for Windows, OS X and Linux. Passage is also available on the iTunes App Store.

The Alt-Play label leads us to believe that Sabarasa will be putting out compilations of other indie developers in the future. Are there any other indies in particular you'd like to see get this DSiWare treatment?

[source esrb.org]