When you think about it, Nintendo games are ****ing crazy insane. You've got foxes and amphibians piloting starships, pink shapeshifting blobs, and space bounty hunters more focused on eradicating entire species and blowing up planets than collecting bounties. Not to mention Italian plumbers from Brooklyn who eat "power" mushrooms to do battle with ungodly creatures like flying hammer-wielding turtles with little helmets on while getting very little actual plumbing done.

Another industry figure in general known for their off-the-wall games is Goicha Suda, also known as Suda51, of Grasshopper Manufacture, Inc, the man behind the decidedly oddball No More Heroes and Killer 7. But will the two ever cross development paths?

In an interview with CVG, Suda was asked whether he'd ever want to produce a first-party Nintendo game. Turns out he's quite keen on the idea:

If there was the possibility, I'd be very interested. But I'd have to be able to create an original title.

Sounds good, but we're slightly torn on this one. While an original Grasshopper/Suda game developed in conjunction with Nintendo would surely come out stellar, we can't help but ponder what wonders could be done with an existing-but-dormant franchise like Kirby coming from the mind behind Travis Touchdown and Harman Smith.

Suda contributed to Super Smash bros. Brawl, donchaknow, and the Grasshopper Manufacture/Tecmo collaboration Fatal Frame IV was published by Nintendo in Japan, so the relationship is surely there. All it seems to need is some sort of catalyst.

Thanks to Robert for the tip!

[source computerandvideogames.com]