Dave Perry, pondering 3D technologies

File this strictly under "rumour," but industry stalwart Dave Perry, famous for Earthworm Jim, has dropped a hint on Twitter that he may know something we don't regarding the mysterious Nintendo 3DS.

Perry recently tweeted that he was:

Excited about the Nintendo 3DS. I've got the Fuji 3D Camera with the same tech. It's cool and I've been wanting to see it used for games.

Everyone and their mum has been speculating about the kind of tech the 3DS will be utilising when it finally rocks into shops, but perhaps Perry, with his wealth of industry contacts, knows a bit more than most.

That Fuji 3D camera he mentions is presumably the FinePix REAL 3D W1, which uses the 'Parallax Barrier System.' A few days ago we reported that several industry experts had claimed that this was the technology the 3DS would employ. Although Nintendo themselves have yet to make any announcements, it's looking more and more likely that Parallax is the future of 3D handheld gaming.

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