Do you agree with Rob?

Lately we’ve seen some of the big-third party publishers such as EA distancing themselves from the Wii somewhat, largely because sales just ain't what they had hoped for the platform. Could it be due to increased competition from Sony’s mighty PS3? According to SCEA vice president of publisher relations Robert Dyer in a recent interview with IndustryGamers, the PS3 is stealing away developer attention from the Wii.

What publishers have said is they're not going to spend the resources on Wii... In my job, we compete against Microsoft and Nintendo, and we're competing for resources. So when I walk into a publisher, I ask, "Where are you guys pushing your resources?" In the past, it was "Look how hot the Wii is," or "Look how hot the DS is," and 'We should put resources there." They did that and realized, "You know what, third-party product just doesn't sell on that platform." So now they're taking those resources, coming back to us and saying, "Sony, we're going to be able to provide you with that exclusive content," or "We're going to put more engineers on it and figure out to maximize the Blu-ray and get more out of PS3." That's what we're seeing now.

Dem’s fighting words Rob! But does he have a point? We still haven’t heard that the excellent brawler Tatsunoko vs Capcom is coming to PS3 yet, so maybe his optimism is misplaced for the time being? Then again, we haven't heard anything about Street Fighter IV for Wii either.

What are your thoughts about these illuminating revelations?