Put your mail-man out of business with: Netflix for Wii™!

Netflix is coming to the Wii very soon, according to one the company's senior executives. TheWiire.com reports:

Netflix Vice President of Corporate Communications Steve Swasey anticipates seeing a lot of success (without predicting any numbers) on Nintendo's Wii platform. He notes the system's American install base, saying, "26 million homes in America have a Wii. That's a whole lot of folks."

The key question, as Swasey indicates, is whether Wii owners will want to watch Netflix on Nintendo's home console.

"We think that the desirability of watching movies instantly on the Wii via Netflix is a wonderful opportunity for Wii homes. And so we think it's going to be very well adopted."

If your interested in learning more about Netflix and what it offers head on over and listen to the interview yourself.

Whilst we see the gap in the market, HD will surely be the dominant force for on-demand video in future years. With that in mind, is Netflix merely looking at a stop gap with the Wii?

[source thewiire.com]