Could you keep this hungry crowd at bay?

Sushi rolling might not seem like the most obvious premise for a video game, but throw in some time-management gameplay and some frantic score-beating action and developers Asylum Entertainment might just have cooked up something rather tasty. We're only a few months away from finding out for sure, as Southpeak games have announced a North American release date for Miniclip Sushi Go Round of March 2, with the game out in Europe on March 4.

The game, which is based on the popular Miniclip title, involves players running their own restaurant and preparing sushi for a gang of picky customers while carefully managing their stocks to make sure they have enough ingredients to keep the sushi flowing.

DSi owners will also be able to take photos of their family and friends using the built-in camera and use these images to populate their virtual restaurant — if the idea of simulating your friends and family shouting for food whilst you desperately try and cook their dinner is something that particularly appeals to you.

With the right control scheme in place, Sushi Go Round could prove an addictive little puzzler. Whether or not it really nails it though, only time will tell.