NLFM: Let's Rock!

Welcome to the first episode of NLFM, the new monthly Nintendo Life podcast focused on music from and inspired by video games!

We feel game and chip music doesn't get the credit it deserves a lot of the time, so we decided to kickstart our own show spotlighting this often overlooked but hugely important aspect of our hobby.

NLFM will generally focus on music from games playable on Nintendo consoles and handhelds, which, thanks to the Virtual Console, also includes the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and Master System, Turbografx-16, Neo Geo and Commodore 64. We'll also highlight video game-inspired bands and songs to round it all out.

We've got a rompin', stompin' face-melter of an episode to kick off the show, so here's the tracklist for this month:

1. YMCK - Bowser’s Castle Remix (Pictobits)
2. Bit Shifter - Easy Prey
3. Anamanaguchi - Blackout City
4. Earthbound - Otherworldly Foe
5. World of Goo - Regurgitation Pumping Station
6. Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure - The Butler Did It
7. Bandy Leggz - You Don’t Know Me (MadWorld)
8. Metroid Metal - Ridley's Theme
9. JDDJ3J - Aerodynamic

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