Hubba hubba! Ahem.

Fans of obscure Japanese RPGs should rejoice - Famitsu magazine has recently revealed that Nintendo's Monolithsoft is working with Banpresto to create a new title called "Infinite Frontier Super Robot Wars OG Saga". I'm sure you'll agree, that's quite a mouthful.

Coding duties are being handled by Terada-san, who is responsible for the Super Robots Wars series and the game will be produced by Capcom x Namco (PS2) main man Koji Ishitani. The game seems to employ an action-based combat system, similar to that seen in Capcom x Namco.

The chances of this seeing the light of day in the West are slim, but when a game contains female characters with stupidly large chests then you don't have to ask us twice to post a news story about it, I can tell you.