You Gotta Get This

If you've not already pre-ordered your console, you could be in for a tough fight to get your hands on a Wii for launch day. If your in London maybe you should head down to the official launch at HMV as they should have a huge pile of Wii's. Otherwise you might find yourself buying an overpriced one on eBay.

Know Your Product

When buying a Wii console it'll come with certain things straight outta the box, I'm sure you all know this already but lets go through it anyway. You'll get a white Wii console complete with stand, a copy of Wii Sports, a sensor bar, one Wiimote with one Nunchuck attachment. You'll also get a nice power lead to plug it in and a standard composite AV cable to hook up to your TV. We'd recommend you snag yourself either the RGB Scart cable or Component cable depending on your TV. If your unsure about the AV hardware your in luck, you can go and read our guide.

Games, Games, Games

Of course the most important thing is the games you buy, choose wisely. You'll already have Wii Sports and thats great fun. If you want something more immersive then of course go for Zelda. There are a number of decent multiplayer games like Super Monkey Ball and Rayman. First person shooter addicts should consider Red Steel, Call of Duty 3 and Far Cry Vengeance. Of course if you want to know more about any games coming out for Wii, simply search this site for the title!

It's worth knowing what games you want to get before heading out to the shops, it should makes things go much smoother, generally stores won't be selling out of games only consoles.


Wii is the first console to feature an online store where you can download classics from previous Nintendo consoles. You'll need two things to take advantage of this, firstly either a Wii Classic Controller or a original Gamecube pad and secondly you'll need some Wii Points, this is the “currency” used in the shop to download the Virtual Console games. You can either buy Wii Points in stores on cards (much like a mobile phone top-up card) or buy them online with a credit card. Your lucky again because we also have a Virtual Console guide for you to read.

Bargin Bin

Another thing to consider is your brand new Wii system is 100% capable of playing Gamecube games, you might want to check out what Gamecube bargins you can get whilst in the store. A lot of places like GAME will have a pre-owned bargin section, see if you can add any cheap classics into your Wii library. Just so happens we've got a guide for the Best of Gamecube aswell.

Play Mates

Depending on which games you decide to buy your probably gonna want to show off your new console to your friends and family, to do so your going to be looking at buying another controller. Remember you should really buy another Wiimote and another Nunchuck, you should pretty much treat them as one item. A lot of games will require you to use the Nunchuck, so its worth having equal numbers. There's an added bonus to buying another Wiimote, you can get a free copy of a game called Wii Play which comes with more Wii Sports style mini games for multiplayer action.

Shopping Around

Forget it, if you manage to find a Wii in stock, snap it up as fast as you can. There's very little chance of finding it cheaper in another store, the retail price of £179.99 will pretty much stick. However if you are buying from a store such as GAME or Gamestation, don't forget to take along your reward card to clock up some well earn points, remember your bill will probably be in excess of £250.

Final Thoughts

The Wii is about to be unleashed upon the UK and Europe, its been a long road but we're finally at the finishing post, the day you get Wii will be the first day of the rest of your life, we urge you to savour the moment. So hopefully your all set now, the day is almost upon us. We'd like to wish you all the best of luck securing your Wii tomorrow. Enjoy