The Wiire noticed the article in this months magazine, where game producer Yojiro Ogawa made the comments about the latest Sonic adventure.

"According to the preview, Sonic Wild Fire - which has apparently been in development approximately two years; the first year for testing, this year actually spent developing - will see Sonic traveling through a world inspired by the Arabian Nights. In addition, Dr. Eggman (known to some as Dr. Robotnik) will make an appearance in Wild Fire.

Yojiro Ogawa, the game's producer, also commented, noting that progression on Wild Fire is going well and that gamers can expect even more uses for the Wii Remote than the E3 2006 demo presented. According to Ogawa, there will be gameplay elements in Wild Fire that have never before been in a Sonic title. He also mentioned his satisfaction with Wii's power, believing it to be "fantastic hardware"."

Sonic Wild Fire looks like something a little different, some post E3 previews even suggested that Wild Fire finally made Sonic arrive in 3D. It's well known that Sonic has had problems moving into the 3D world, the Wii's unique controller might just of saved an old rival.

We'll be keeping a close eye on this game over the coming months, check back for updates.