In an interview with Kikizo, Eguchi has confirmed that the Wii Connect 24 service will ensure that your console is online all the time, which will open up lots of new ideas for games such as Animal Crossing.

"With the example of Animal Crossing, one of the things that might be possible is while the player isn't even actively playing in their town, a friend of theirs could come and visit their town and, for instance, leave them a letter or a gift," he explained."

Okay, continue Mr Eguchi..

"Another application might be someone could send a letter from their cellphone or from an email address on a PC to the Wii, and then the player living in the town in Animal Crossing could receive that letter."

Ah ha, so we'll have a global Animal Crossing community, excellent. Users have complained to us about the friend code system, 1 friend code per game seems a little much. Eguchi was quizzed about this:

"There probably will be Friend Codes for the Wii version, however we're not so sure about compatibility. So it's most likely that everyone will be using new codes."

The Nintendo man was also quizzed about the Wii remote, and asked if we'll see more add-ons.

"Of course, if software calls for a light gun, we'll make a light gun. If the software requires a guitar, then maybe we'll make a guitar. Our number one priority is always to provide the ultimate gameplay experience, so if the game requires a peripheral, then we'll supply a peripheral."

That's great news, personally I'd love to see a handful of different controllers for different games. It's time we broke the mould of controllers and make games more interactive.

Stay classy Tokyo.