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Memories return in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but they're back in a very different way than in Breath of the Wild. Plus, they're not the sole story-telling device in Link's brand-new adventure.

Memories are both tied to the main story and found while exploring the world thanks to a new Main Quest, The Dragon's Tears. You unlock this after completing a request for Impa outside of New Serenne Stable which involves all of the geoglyphs that have appeared on the surface of Hyrule since The Upheaval.

Be warned, this guide will contain minor story spoilers as we will be describing the look of the geoglyph, as well as giving the name of each memory below. Some of the below screenshots may also contain very minor spoilers, so you've been warned.

In this guide, we're going to tell you where to find all of the tears, geoglyphs, and memories in the game.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: All Dragon's Tears, Memory Locations

What are memories?

Memories are visions of the past which reveal the history of Hyrule, its origins, and the Imprisoning War. You'll find out about some of the Zonai through these cutscenes, as well as where Hyrule has come from. It's an extremely juicy pot of lore for series fans and each cutscene is much longer and contains more information than Link's memories in BOTW.

You'll get memories both after completing major story events and by finding them throughout The Dragon's Tears quest, which sees you examining all of the geoglyphs across Hyrule.

What are geoglyphs?

The geoglyphs are strange markings and paintings that appeared across Hyrule following The Upheaval, the event which saw Link get his unusual new arm and saw the Gloom seeping out of the earth.

There are 11 geoglyphs in total, and all of them give a hint as to what they're about.

All geoglyph and Dragon's Tears locations

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This map shows you where to find all of the Dragon's Tears, as well as all of the geoglyphs. There might only be 11 geoglyphs, but there are 12 tears — the final 12th tear will only reveal itself after you've found all of the others.

We've numbered these as they're numbered in the game's map, but you can collect these — and view the associated memories — in any order.

Dragon's Tear #1 - North Hyrule Plain, Hyrule Ridge

  • Approximate Tear coordinates: -1280, 0920, 0101
  • Tear location: Right eye

Rauru's geoglyph will be found as part of the Impa and the Geoglyphs quest. You'll spot the Tear's location as you ride the hot air balloon into the sky with Impa. This takes place near the Royal Ancient Lab Ruins in Hyrule Field. You'll get the 'Where Am I?' memory.

Dragon's Tear #2 - Tabantha Hills, Tabantha Frontier

  • Approximate Tear coordinates: -2547, -1883, 0320
  • Tear location: Top/centre of the palace, above the door

The castle geoglyph can be found on the way to Rito Village. It's on the southern side of Tabantha Hills. Glide from Lindor's Brow Skyview Tower from the northeast to see this memory. You'll then watch the 'An Unfamiliar World' memory.

Dragon's Tear #3 - Trilby Valley, Eldin Canyon

  • Approximate Tear coordinates: 1841 0731, 0089
  • Tear location: Top/centre of the tablet/pad

Squeezed in between the paths to the Zora Domain and Goron City is the Purah Pad geoglyph. Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower is the best way to dive down and reach this one, however, as the geoglyph is directly south of it. This is the 'Mineru's Council' memory.

Dragon's Tear #4 - Batrea Lake, West Necluda

  • Approximate Tear coordinates: 0692, 1313, 0053
  • Tear location: On the top-left of the geoglyph, where the tail begins to bend to the right

You'll find the fourth Dragon's Tear southwest of Kakariko Village, southeast of Hyrule Field, and northeast of Lake Hylia in West Necluda. The geoglyph looks like a sand seal or a Molduga. It's directly in between two Skyview TowersPopla Hills and Sahasra Slope. You can't see this one from the sky as it's hidden in the trees right near the top of the geoglyph's tail. This geoglyph will give you 'The Gerudo Assault' memory.

Dragon's Tear #5 - Great Cliffs, Gerudo Highlands

  • Approximate Tear coordinates: -23164, -1706, 0422
  • Tear location: On the geoglyph's shoulder

You'll spot Ganondorf's geoglyph pretty clearly from Gerudo Town or Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower. Emblazoned into the side of the mountain, the tear is on the shoulder of the markings, meaning it's pretty high above the desert. Go from the tower, or bring your best stamina food and climbing gear. This memory is called 'A Show of Fealty'.

Dragon's Tear #6 - Illumeni Plateau, Hyrule Ridge

  • Approximate Tear coordinates: -3091, 0074, 0211
  • Tear location: On the right-hand side, near the bottom of the geoglyph's hair

This geoglyph represents Queen Sonia and you'll find it on the southwest side of Hyrule Ridge on Illumeni Plateau. You'll get to it much easier from the Gerudo Highlands. It's a bit far from any of the Skyview Towers, so glide north from the top of Gerudo Highlands to get the best view. When you find the Tear, you get the 'Zelda and Sonia' memory.

Dragon's Tear #7 - Lurelin Village, East Necluda

  • Approximate Tear coordinates: 3324, -3571, 0005
  • Tear location: On the left-hand tip of the dagger's crossguard

The dagger geoglyph is just outside of Lurelin Village on a strip of land that stretches out like a tentacle. You can get to this from the Necluda Sky Islands or the mountains just north of the coast. This is the 'Sonia Is Caught by Treachery' memory.

Dragon's Tear #8 - Tabantha Tundra, Hebra Mountains

  • Approximate Tear coordinates: 1862, 3519, 0237
  • Tear location: Above the left arm, on the left-hand side of the geoglyph

This is the Demon King's geoglyph, and it's far north of the map. You'll have to traverse the harsh wintery mountains of the Hebra region to the west or come from the Snowfield Stable from the south. You can glide from Pikida Stonegrove Skyview Tower but you'll need a lot of stamina to make it there safely.

Dragon's Tear #9 - Talus Plateau, Lanayru

  • Approximate Tear coordinates: 4468, -0302, 0075
  • Tear location: On the right side of the geoglyph, on a small mound

You can get to secret stone/tear geoglyph most easily from Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower, or from any of the mountains surrounding the Zora Domain. The Tear itself is on a little mound, almost like it wants you to find it. You'll then be able to view 'The Sages Vow' memory.

Dragon's Tear #10 - Lake Hylia, Faron Grasslands

  • Approximate Tear coordinates: -0649, -2685, 0068
  • Tear location: On the geoglyph's left flower

Right next to Lake Hylia, there's a headstone geoglyph with flowers on it. It's east of Gerudo Desert and northeast of Highland Stable. Use Polpla Foothills Skyview Tower and glide southwest. This can be a bit hard to spot from the sky because it has lots of tear markings. But the one you're looking for is on the left side. You'll get the 'A King's Duty' memory.

Dragon's Tear #11 - Eldin Mountains

  • Approximate Tear coordinates: 0885, 2951, 0363
  • Tear location: Near the tip of the sword

You'll spot the sword geoglyph easily if you glide southeast from Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower, or glide down from the top of Eldin Mountains. This is the 'A Master Sword in Time' memory

Dragon's Tear #12 - Rist Peninsula, Akkala

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  • Approximate Tear coordinates: 4530, 2142, 0001
  • Tear location: Centre of the spiral coastline

The final Dragon's Tear is unlocked once you've collected all 11 other tears. This does not have an associated geoglyph. This will be marked on your map in-game and can be found near Gemmick Shrine on the Rist Peninsula, the spiral beach on the east side of the map.

All memories

Here is a list of all memories in the game in the order they appear in the Adventure Log. Please note, some of these memory names may potentially contain spoilers.

  1. The Master Sword's Power - Story progression
  2. The Awakening - Story progression
  3. Where Am I? - Dragon's Tear #1
  4. An Unfamiliar World - Dragon's Tear #2
  5. Mineru's Council - Dragon's Tear #3
  6. The Gerudo Assault - Dragon's Tear #4
  7. A Show of Fealty - Dragon's Tear #5
  8. Zelda and Sonia - Dragon's Tear #6
  9. Sonia Is Caught by Treachery - Dragon's Tear #7
  10. Birth of the Demon King - Dragon's Tear #8
  11. The Demon King's Army - Story progression
  12. The Sage's Vow - Dragon's Tear #9
  13. A King's Duty - Dragon's Tear #10
  14. The Imprisoning War - Story progression
  15. A Master Sword in Time - Dragon's Tear #11
  16. Critical Decision - Story progression
  17. Tears of the Dragon - Dragon's Tear #12 (Must collect all 11 other Tears)
  18. Zelda's Wish - Story progression
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Hopefully, with this guide, you won't be shedding many tears while searching out The Dragon's Tears. You can find more hints, tips, and maps in our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough.