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You've got your big four objectives in Tears of the Kingdom, and you're now ready to set out and head to the Hebra Region and to Rito Village.

While you can do any of the four Regional Phenomena quests in any order, Rito Village is the first place we think you should visit as part of our recommended order. Regardless of whether you're trying to thaw the chill of the Rito's region first or last, we're here to help you find the Rito Village.

Here's how to get to Rito Village, along with what to expect as you ride through the Hebra Region.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Get To Rito Village

How to prepare for the Hebra Region

Rito Village is situated in the Hebra region, which is a little chilly, but recently, it's been engulfed in a tundra which has caused temperatures to plummet even further.

As such, you'll want to bring your best warming foods with you. Cook with spicy peppers for some easy cold-resistant food. If you picked up the cold-resistant armour in the Great Sky Islands, then pop that on and you won't need to worry about the snowfall and the low temperature.

It's also worth making some stamina-restoring food and elixirs because you'll be doing some climbing. If you have some Blessing of Lights from Shrines, it's worth upgrading your Stamina.

How to get to the Hebra Region

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The Hebra Region is northwest of Lookout Landing. You'll go through New Serenne Stable, and close by you'll find Hestu for the Hestu's Concern Side Adventure, and Impa for the Impa and the Geoglyphs Side Adventure.

Both of these are important quests as one lets you use your Korok Seeds to expand your inventory, and the other sets you on the path to finding The Dragon's Tears.

You'll also want to go to Lindor's Brow Skyview Tower, which is northwest of New Serenne Stable, at coordinates -1901, 1243, 0297. Unlocking this will give you the map for the Hyrule Ridge region.

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How to find Rito Village

From New Serenne Stable, the quickest way to get to Rito Village is following the path southeast through Hyrule Ridge until you get to another stable, Tabantha Bridge Stable.

From Tabantha Bridge Stable, cross the Tabantha Great Bridge and just keep following the path around Piper Ridge and Nero Hill. If you're riding a horse, this is extremely easy as you don't need to steer your horse as long as you stay on the path.

Along the way, you'll find the quest The Hornist's Dramatic Escape, which will help you unlock the Great Fairy Fountains later on. When you get to the Lucky Clover Gazette, you're right in front of a broken bridge that leads to Rito Village.

Use the Hylian Pinecones nearby and throw them into some fire to create an updraft to glide across the huge gap. You should land safely on the other side.

What to do at Rito Village

Rito Village is basically unchanged from Breath of the Wild, except it's darn cold now. At the Armour Shop, you can pick up the Snowquill Set, which is perfect for protecting you from even colder temperatures waiting for you later on.

Follow the quest marker to the top of the village to meet the new mayor of Rito Village, Teba, along with his son, Tulin. You'll then get the regional quest — Tulin of Rito Village.

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Tulin of Rito Village Main Quest

Where to find Tulin

After talking to Tulin and Teba, Tulin runs away. He wants to stop the snowstorm which is causing the plummeting temperatures. Teba points you towards two bonfires, which is where you'll find the Hebra Trailhead Lodge and Harth.

Glide over there and talk to the Rito Harth inside the cabin who tells you that Tulin is a strong Rito, and the only one capable of producing strong gusts of winds. He's also the only one capable of reaching the huge storm above Rito Village, which people think is the source of the blizzard.

Follow the mountain path up to Rospro Pass Cave and Hebra South Summit Cave, and keep a look out for bonfires. Pick up the resources along the way, and ride the currents up in the cave using your glider

When you come across thorns use your fire fruit to burn them away, and then speak to Gesane to find out that Tulin has moved on. Eventually, you'll be able to leave the cave by creating a fire and using the rising heat to glide upwards out of the cave. Keep climbing and using your Ascend until you reach the top, where you'll find Tulin, who will team up with you after a chat.

Tulin commands the Power of Wind, and he can cause a huge gust of wind to push you further forward when you're gliding. Use this skill to glide over to the ruins opposite Tulin, and then shoot the Aerocuda with an arrow to get Tulin's bow back. More enemies will attack, and with Tulin's help, take them down.

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During a cutscene, Harth will fly over and talk to you and Tulin, telling him to go and investigate the big storm up in the sky with Link. To get there, you'll need to cross the Rising Island Chain.

How to cross the Rising Island Chain

The key to travelling through the Hebra sky and getting through the Rising Island Chain is to use Link's abilities, but also rely on Tulin's Power of Wind to help you glide across the large gaps.

Jump off of the east side of the platform and use Tulin to glide over to the mountain, then use Ascend a few times to get to the top of the ruins and get a chest containing a Zonaite Sword.

Glide over to the next platform and follow the ruins north along the side of the mountain. You'll find another chest with 5 arrows inside. Once the ruins end, head up the snowy mountain until you see even more, head up to the highest point, and then glide across the chasm using Tulin's Power of Wind. Climb up the ruins then shoot the Construct on the opposite platform to defeat it before continuing.

Climb up the mountain to a thin platform, and walk up a collapsed pillar to another pillar, climbing that up. Then you'll need to walk up some more mountains to another platform. Talk to Huck the Rito and then glide to a platform with two blocks. Use ascend to climb the tower ruins, until you're at the highest point, then glide across and Ascend to get to the main event — the Rising Island Chain.

After a brief cutscene, follow Tulin over to a small boat in the sky. Walk up the stairs and jump on the sail to soar high into the sky and head west to find Mayaumekis Shrine. Jump over to the opposite platform and glide across the chain of platforms until you can use Ascend to travel upwards. Jump on the sail to trampoline up and glide to the next set of platforms.

Continue following the path and climb on top of one of the blocks to Ascend up from. Glide to the curved platform northwest and open a chest containing three Portable Pots. Destroy the icicles with fire fruit/fire arrows opposite, hop into the alcove and Ascend. Keep following the platforms and then break the ice by jumping ontop of it to be thrown into the air. Do the same again a few platforms ahead. Melt the ice ahead on the side of a big platform to get a chest with 10 arrows. You can Fuse with the broken icicles to make a powerful freezing weapon, but the ice will melt after a few swipes.

From the enclosed room, Ascend up and glide over to a platform covered in breakable rocks. Smash them with a bomb or a hammer, land on the trampoline, glide ahead, and then break the ice floor again to jump up. Follow the platforms and ships through the sky east. You'll spot more Construct enemies along the way, which you'll likely have to fight.

After following the platforms for a while, you'll come across materials which you can use to build a hot air balloon if you wish. Use the stone platform, balloon, and flame emitter to soar into the skies. Glide north and Ascend up the pillar. Ascend again and hop onto the ship trampoline, then glide to a second towards an ice floor. Break that, hop up on the sail, and you'll find Kahatanaum Shrine.

Head up the stair, jump on the huge trampoline, then glide to the platform with the lights to the north (use these lights to follow the best path). Jump onto another sail, and follow the ships around the storm until you reach a platform with stairs and a ship at the top of the storm. Glide into the eye of the storm to reach a giant airship, which is your destination — The Wind Temple.

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Getting accustomed to the sky? There are plenty more challenges awaiting in the Wind Temple, which might be your first temple if you're doing this in the recommended order. Otherwise, you can find more tips, tricks, and maps in our full Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough.