Zelda TOTK Amiibo
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It's time to dust off your amiibo collection as you dive into the world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Just like in Breath of the Wild, you can scan in your collection of interactive figures to get some goodies to help you on your journey around, above, and below Hyrule.

All amiibo are compatible with the game — with non-Zelda ones giving out materials and ingredients. However, along with the TOTK Link amiibo, every single Legend of Zelda amiibo is back to give you some rather nice rewards. Many of them are the same as in Breath of the Wild, but the biggest difference is that every single outfit reward from amiibo in TOTK is also available to find in-game. So if you want two Tunics of Time, for instance, well, you can have two!

There are still some unique items only available by tapping the Zelda series amiibo, though — namely, unique paraglider fabric. You can change your paraglider fabric by heading to the Kochi Dye Shop in Hateno, and there are some rather lovely ones too.

IMPORTANT: Remember that you can only scan each amiibo once per day, and it can therefore take quite a while to unlock everything. As an example, it took one Team NL member scanning a collection of 13 amiibo an entire week to get a single outfit drop (multiple came on the same day, in fact). So be patient if you're not getting the good stuff as quickly as you hoped — it will come!

We're still discovering new drops every day, so we'll be updating this guide until all amiibo rewards have been discovered. Make sure you keep checking back!

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Series

Link TOTK amiibo

A Zelda series amiibo that launched alongside TOTK, Link comes bearing gifts in the form of mushrooms (including Big Hearty Truffles, Brightcaps, Chillshrooms, Hylian Shrooms, Ironshrooms, Razorshrooms, Rushrooms, Silent Shrooms, Skyshrooms, Stamella Shrooms, Sunshrooms, and Zapshrooms) some arrows and a chest containing different weapons, like a Knight's Broadsword.

There is a chance this amiibo will drop a paraglider pattern, the Champion's Leathers Fabric.

Tears of the Kingdom Zelda

TOTK Zelda amiibo

Zelda's TOTK-specific amiibo drops the Princess Zelda Fabric for your paraglider, along with plants, materials, and weapons similar to her other amiibo.

These include Hyrule Herb, Stambulb, Mighty Thistle, Cool Saffina, Electric Saffina, Endura Carrot, Swift Violet, Fortified Pumpkin, and Big Hearty Radishes. The chest may contain an Opal or a weapon such as a Soldier's Broadsword.

Tears of the Kingdom Ganondorf

TOTK Ganondorf amiibo

Scanning Ganondorf's TOTK amiibo will get you a few chunks of Raw Meat and a weapon, such as a Royal Broadsword or a Gloom Sword, a weapon which will gradually deplete your health while you use it.

The Ganondaddy amiibo will also eventually drop the Gerudo-King Fabric for your paraglider.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Series


From the first of Breath of the Wild's two Link amiibo, archer Link can drop a chest containing a Soldier's Bow, alongside lots of meat and fish — perfect survival food.

As well as those, you can get the Tunic of Memories Fabric for a nice blue and white BOTW-style glider.


Galloping in to help, Rider Link will drop a Soldier's Broadsword - a nice little early-game weapon that helps make charged attacks a bit quicker — along with a variety of mushrooms.

You can also get the Hylian-Hood Fabric from this as a rare gift.



Zelda's Breath of the Wild amiibo is handy if you're in a pinch for money or herbs, as her chest drops with plenty of vegetables and healthy cooking ingredients, along with a precious gem inside the coffer.

You can also get the Hyrule-Princess Fabric from this amiibo, giving your glider a touch of class.



After venturing through Tears of the Kingdom for a while, you might be a bit more scared of these pesky monsters and their newfound strength. However, their chests can drop Bokoblin weapons and shields, as well as potentially the Bokoblin Fabric for your paraglider.



The fields of Hyrule are no longer plagued by these incredibly dangerous creations, but the Guardian amiibo can still deliver some pain — to your enemies, at least.

Along with metal boxes and some rusty weapons and shields, there's a chance the chest will contain the Ancient Blade, a brilliant material which can be used with Fuse to add 50 to the attack power of your weapon (or arrow) of choice.

You can also unlock the Ancient-Sheikah Fabric for your paraglider.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - The Champions amiibo


Urbosa amiibo

The Gerudo Champion delivers various types of meat each time you scan her in, along with a chest containing Gerudo weapons, including the Gerudo Scimitar and the Gerudo Shield.

You can also potentially get the Gerudo-Champion Fabric, to give your paraglider a shocking new look, and the Vah Naboris Divine Helm.


Revali amiibo

Soaring in with fruit and arrows, the Rito Champion can reward the Swallow or Falcon Bow, and there's also a chance to gain the Rito-Champion Fabric and the Vah Medoh Divine Helm. You'll be spinning up a gale storm as you glide effortlessly through the skies with this design.


Mipha amiibo

The Zora Champion amiibo will always summon an assortment of fish alongside a chest containing a Zora Spear. Mipha can also net you the Zora-Champion Fabric for your paraglider and the Vah Ruta Divine Helm for your bonce.


Daruk amiibo

If you're ready to roll with the Goron Champion, you get some handy Rock salt, Flint, and Amber along with a chest that contains the Cobble Crusher. the ideal weapon to stick a rock on and hammer through those cave systems.

You can also get the Goron-Champion Fabric and the Vah Rudania Divine Helm.

Super Smash Bros. Series

Link amiibo

Just like in Breath of the Wild, the first time you scan Link, you'll get Epona again! She comes with maximum stats (though she lacks a Pull stat) and, until you register the horse at a stable, the amiibo will keep summoning the horse at your location.

Once you've done that, the next day the amiibo will drop a chest that contains any one of the following, along with some helpful items for cooking:

  • Cap of the Twilight
  • Tunic of Twilight
  • Trousers of the Twilight

You'll also get some miscellaneous swords and shields (Knight's Broadsword, Knight's Shield, Soldier's Shield) on some days, plus some arrows, fruit, and other cooking ingredients (including Acorns, Apples, Chickaloo Tree Nut, Fleet-Lotus Seeds, Hydromelons, Mighty Bananas, Palm Fruit, Spicy Peppers, Voltfruits, Wildberries)


Zelda amiibo

Princess Zelda's rewards are all fairly common items. You can get rare stones (Amber, Sapphire, Topaz, Opal) or a variety of bows (Knight's Bow, Soldier's Bow) from this amiibo, which will drop with a number of different herbs and flowers (Armoranth, Blue Nightshade, Cool Safflina, Electric Safflina, Hyrule Herb, Mighty Thistle, Swift Violet and Warm Safflina) and veggies (Like Fortified Pumpkins, a Hearty Raddish and Swift Carrots).

She also has a small chance to reward you with the Dusk Bow, a high-powered bow that automatically lets you fire arrows a bit further without the need for a Keese Wing. Tears of the Kingdom also offers the chance to earn the Princess of Twilight Fabric for your paraglider with this amiibo as well.


Sheik amiibo

Sheik's amiibo brings the same rewards as it did in Breath of the Wild, but with one new weapon added to the mix. Along with the Eightfold Blade (a Sheikah sword) and the Shield of the Mind's Eye, you can also get a Phrenic Bow, replacing the elemental arrows from BOTW.

You can also get the Sheik Fabric for your paraglider. We assume we'll also be able to get Sheik's Mask again to help us sneak around. The chest also drops with assorted mushrooms.

Toon Link amiibo

Toon Link's big rewards are the same as the Wind Waker Toon Link amiibo. You can expect to see things like Knights Broadswords, generic boomerangs, and if you're lucky you'll stumble upon the Sea-Breeze Boomerang. However, it's that rather lovely tunic we want, right?

  • Cap of the Wind
  • Tunic of the Wind
  • Trousers of the Wind

Along with your chest, you'll also get a pile of fish (including Armored Carp. Armored Porgy, Chillfin Trout, Hearty Salmon, Hyrule Bass, Mighty Carp, Mighty Porgy, Sizzlefin Trout, Staminoka Bass, Stealthfin Trout, and Voltfin Trout) for your cooking (or fighting) needs. You can also get the King of Red Lions Fabric with this amiibo.


Ganondorf amiibo

With Ganondorf actually appearing in Tears of the Kingdom, Link's sworn enemy will deliver a slew of raw meat along with either a rare gem (Amber, Luminous Stones, Sapphire, etc) or one of a few different weapons like a Gerudo Claymore, or even better yet, the Dusk Claymore that he wielded in Twilight Princess. Sometimes he'll drop some Bokoblin Guts or even an exploding barrel, so watch out.

You can also get the Demon King Fabric for your paraglider.

Amiibo YoungLink Smash Char

Young Link's rewards aren't too bad in Tears of the Kingdom — in fact, he seems to offer up exactly the same goodies as the Adult Link Ocarina of Time amiibo.

Biggoron's Sword is a potential drop, but usually, the younger version of the Hero of Time drops a chest that contains a Soldier's Claymore, along with various types of raw meat and arrows. You can also get the 'of Time' set from this amiibo:

  • Cap of Time
  • Tunic of Time
  • Trousers of Time

Scanning Young Link will eventually get you the Lon Lon Ranch Fabric for your paraglider, too.

The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary Series

8-bit Link amiibo

One of our favourite amiibo, this pixelated friend will summon barrels with apples, arrows, Hylian Shrooms and a chest that may contain swords and shields (Knights Broadswords, Knights Shield, Soldier's Shield). You also have the chance of earning the Sword of the Hero, inspired by Link's sword from the original NES outing, along with some pieces of clothing to match:

  • Cap of the Hero
  • Tunic of the Hero
  • Trousers of the Hero

One new item you can get from a chest is the Pixel Fabric, which replicates the Hero of Hyrule's look back in the original game. We also haven't seen the Legend of Zelda Sword, but we have seen all the barrels that come with this chunky amiibo.


Ocarina of Time's Link swoops in with similar rewards as he did in BOTW. In addition to piles of meat, a Soldier's Claymore, and a rare chance of finding a Biggoron's Sword inside the chest, you can also don the Hero of Time's garbs:

  • Cap of Time
  • Tunic of Time
  • Trousers of Time

Scanning Ocarina of Time Link will also eventually get you the Lon Lon Ranch Fabric for your glider.


Similarly to the Smash Bros. version of Toon Link, Wind Waker Link gives out swords, boomerangs, and fish as a reward. However, there's a chance to get the King of Red Lions Fabric too. How nice.

Wind Waker Toon Zelda


Toon Zelda has some rather lovely rewards up for grabs. While the chest can have rare stones, including Luminous Stones, inside.

Along with a shower of Hyrule Herbs, there are two rare items you can get. The Sea-Breeze Shield has a staggering defense stat of 65, an amazing number to storm your way through the early game. But Zelda can also drop the Bygone-Royal Fabric.

The Legend of Zelda Collection Series


There's definitely nothing unsettling with this amiibo, as Majora's Mask Link drops mushrooms (Chillshrooms, Endurashrooms, Hylian Shrooms, Ironshrooms, Razorshrooms, Rushrooms, Silent Shrooms, Stamella Shrooms, Sunshrooms, and Zapshrooms) arrows, and swords such as the Knight's Broadsword frequently. This is also where you'll get the Fierce Deity set set, same as in Breath of the Wild. The set consists of the following:

  • Fierce Deity Mask
  • Fierce Deity Armor
  • Fierce Deity Boots

There's also a chance you could pull the legendary, two-handed Fierce Deity Sword from this chest as well (although you are able to procure it and this entire set for yourself without the amiibo, too). Tears of the Kingdom also gives you the chance to find the Majora's Mask Fabric for your paraglider with this amiibo.


Just like the Smash Bros. amiibo, this Link amiibo will give you a second chance to get Epona — and you can actually register two at the stable this time, as well.

Otherwise, it's the same assortment of weapons/shields (such as the Knight's Broadsword, Knight's Shield and the Soldier's Shield), arrows, and fruit and other cooking ingredients (including Acorns, Apples, Chickaloo Tree Nuts, Fleet-Lotus Seeds, Hydromelons, Mighty Bananas, Palm Fruits, Spicy Peppers, Voltfruits, and Wildberries).

You can also get the Mirror of Twilight Fabric from this amiibo.


A fellow sky-diving enthusiast, Skyward Sword's Link drops a chest with a Knight's Broadsword or a Soldier's Shield in it, along with crates filled with arrows. If you're lucky, you can get the White Sword of the Sky weapon, which had a pretty good attack power for the early hours. You can also get the Sword-Spirit Fabric.

You can also find and don the Skyloft resident's Armour of the Sky outfit, as you could in BOTW (also available to find in TOTK without the amiibo). These are:

  • Cap of the Sky
  • Tunic of the Sky
  • Trousers of the Sky

Zelda and Loftwing

Zelda Loftwing amiibo

The Zelda and Loftwing amiibo will eventually gift you the Goddess Fabric for your paraglider, along with a variety of bows (Knight's Bow, Soldier's Bow) and rare stones (Amber, Opal, etc) in the chest.

It also drops a smattering of flowers and herbs (Armoranth, Blue Nightshade, Cool Safflina, Electric Safflina, Hyrule Herb, Mighty Thistle, Swift Violet, Warm Safflina among them) and some veggies, too (Fortified Pumpkin, Hearty Radishes, Endura/Swift Carrots).

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Series


Unfortunately, the Wolf Link amiibo doesn't summon a wolf friend to help you out in the overworld. However, each day you scan your Wolf Link amiibo, you will get some Raw Meat and maybe even a little Gourmet Raw Meat or a Raw Whole Bird. That's still pretty useful, as meat is often the basis for some of the highest health-restoring food in the game.

But the best reward is the Mirror of Twilight Fabric, a gorgeous new fit for your paraglider that glows in the dark.


The Link's Awakening amiibo offers totally new garb that wasn't in BOTW at all. The Link's Awakening amiibo drops barrels full of apples, arrows, and on occasion Hylian Shrooms. You could get a random bushel of arrows too, but the usual treasure chest comes with weapons like a Soldier's Broadsword, or the unique Egg Fabric for your paraglider.

However, you have a chance of getting a brand-new armour set — the Armour of Awakening — which includes:

  • Mask of Awakening
  • Tunic of Awakening
  • Trousers of Awakening

As with all amiibo costume parts, this outfit is also available to find in the game without the amiibo. We can't get enough of this one. It really is the dream outfit we've always wanted.

Link's Awakening Mask Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Image: Nintendo Life

And those are all of the rewards you can get in Tears of the Kingdom. We'll keep this guide up-to-date, just in case Nintendo decides to drop some brand-new Zelda-themed amiibo in the future, and as we discover more rewards for these figures. For other tips, why not check out our Tears of the Kingdom guide?