LA armour guide
Image: Nintendo Life

If you've been wondering how to get your hands on Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's fantastically ridiculous looking set of armour ripped straight out of Link's Game Boy adventures — or more specifically, the Switch Link's Awakening remake — we've got a quick guide for you.

Let's take a look at how to nab all three pieces.

In order to get this iconic (and slightly worrying) look on the go, you have two options!

Firstly, you can grab your Link's Awakening amiibo and give it a good old scan to add this set to your collection. It consists of:

  • Mask of Awakening
  • Tunic of Awakening
  • Trousers of Awakening

You also get the Egg Fabric for your paraglider using the amiibo.

Luckily, if you don't have the amiibo, you can also forgo the NFC figure and find this entire armour set in-game (minus the Egg Fabric) by heading to the following three locations.

Mask of Awakening Location

LA armour guide
Image: Nintendo Life

For the Mask, travel to Thundra Plateau which is situated to the west of the map at Hyrule Ridge at the coordinates shown in our map below.

You're looking for the area in this large flat expanse with four stone pillars set into a circle patch of ground. Once here you'll want to chop down four of the nearby trees and fuse them together into a large pole.

Now, the more challenging bit:

  • Make sure you have the time set to noon by resting at a fire
  • Then get up onto the southern pillar
  • Check your map to get your bearings, and use Ultrahand to levitate the wooden pole vertically in front of you so that its shadow aligns with the northern stone pillar straight ahead of you.

This only works for a brief window when the shadows align at noonish. If you've done it right, the centre of the ground below the pillars will open up revealing a passage to your Link's Awakening Mask.

Tunic of Awakening Location

LA armour guide
Image: Nintendo Life

For the Tunic, we're off to the Ancient Columns set atop a hillside in Tabantha Frontier.

Here you'll find a bunch of columns with one, as shown below, that has a button on top. Head up and stand on it to reveal the passage to your treasure!

Trousers of Awakening Location

LA armour guide
Image: Nintendo Life

Finally, for your trousers to complete the look, go to the large Coliseum Ruins that you'll find on the southwest fringe of Hyrule Field.

Here you need to navigate to the bottom floor — avoiding the Gleeok — and make a beeline for the two soldier statues at the back of the area. The soldier on the left has a sword, the right one needs his. Grab it from right beside him and hold it point down in front of him with Ultrahand.

A passage to your trousers will now open up (if you know what we mean).

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