Link climbs to summit of Eagle's Tower

Continuing part eight of our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough, we will be tackling the twisting paths of the intriguing seventh dungeon, Eagle's Tower, collecting the Map and Compass along with the Mirror Shield.

Eagle’s Tower Walkthrough

Locate the Compass and Eagle’s Tower Dungeon Map

Eagle's Tower starting room

Step inside the Eagle’s Tower, a four-floor dungeon and the most complex you’ve encountered up to now. A left turn will bring you immediately into a dead end, so head right instead. Dodge the traps and jump the spikes in the next room and continue heading right.

Like Likes in the south eastern corner of Eagle's Tower

The next room contains two Like Likes (roaming mouth enemies) and a Bubble (the bouncing enemy like a flaming skull). Throw the boomerang at the Bubble to take care of it, and kill both Like Likes for a Small Key. Use this immediately on the locked door and head up until you reach a staircase.

Inaccessible chest surrounded by blue barriers

You emerge in a room half-filled with blue barriers, containing a chest and a currently unreachable gem switch. This room will be important later, but head up the narrow corridor for the time being.

Heavy Metal Ball room with lever and moving blocks

The next room contains a moving lever switch connected to two moving blocks covering the left exit. The large metal ball on the raised area is important, but we will deal with it later. Instead, pull the lever down and quickly leave via the left exit.

Jumping the gap in the first pillar room

You enter a room with a pillar – again, this will be an important element later, but we will ignore it for a while. The barriers in this room may appear discouraging, but they are in the direction we’re going to take. It’s easy enough to diagonally jump from the corner here to the passage on the lower right. Do so, and take the lower exit in the next pillared room as well (while avoiding the pits – because this is a tower, you will fall to the level below and have to walk all the way back).

Enclosed gem switch south of the second pillar room

Hit the gem switch in the enclosed area to lower all blue barriers and raise the orange ones. Head up two screens

Heading left in the first pillar room

Back in the first pillar room, push the block covering the narrow passage on the left either up or down, then head through. Follow the upward path in the next room (which yes, contains another pillar).

Sword whacking Three-of-a-Kinds

You will enter a blue-tiled room with a familiar but long-absent enemy.

Claiming the Eagle's Tower compass

Once you have successfully stopped all Three-of-a-Kinds on the same symbol by hitting them with your sword, a chest will appear – it contains the dungeon’s compass.

Chess piece puzzle #1 - throwing the black knight

Backtrack to the first pillar room and take the north exit. You will find a knight-piece puzzle to solve – throw the white piece out of the way for the time being, and stand on the right receptacle – throw the black knight from here and it will land in the left receptacle.

Chess piece puzzle #1 - throwing the white knight

Pick up the white knight and stand at the left of the upper doorway. Throw the white knight piece down and it should plant itself in the right receptacle.

Claiming the Eagle's Tower Dungeon Map

The chess piece puzzle solved, a chest will spawn in the upper right containing the Dungeon Map.

Moving Towards the Mirror Shield

Exit the chess piece room via the top door and you will return to the first floor. Head right and then down in the next room, taking care to avoid the Beamos lasers and to not get too star-struck at the Anti-Kirby (boomerang/bomb it if it’s causing you problems).

Finding a gem switch in the northeast of the first floor

You come next to a room with a gem switch surrounded by spikes. Don’t touch this right now (but remember it for later, as it will be useful. Head instead left, then down, then right, and finally down again – you’re back in the corner with the Like Likes and the door you opened. Head again through that door and back to the floor above.

Returning to the previously inaccessible chest

You’ve arrived back at the room that was half-filled with blue barriers. With those barriers down, you can open the chest.

(Note the pit in the lower right corner – you can drop through this to reach the upper level in the floor below, and head north for a small key. However, note that this key is not used in the solution presented here).

Claiming the Mirror Shield

Opening the chest you will find that the dungeon’s key item, the Mirror Shield is inside. A key use in this dungeon will be reflecting Beamos lasers (to take them out). However, it works on lots of projectile types, so be sure to try it out.

Locating the Eagle’s Tower Stone Beak

Returning and cycling the gem switch in the north east of the first floor

Head all the way back to the gem switch we previously left alone on the lower level. Hit it to raise the blue platforms and lower the orange ones, and leave via the available corridor on the left.

Following the lowered orange barrier path

The orange barriers you’ve lowered form a convenient track to your next treasure chest. Follow them left through the large central room and head through the narrow passage they enter.

Finding a chest at the end of the orange barrier trail

Head down along the line of orange barriers you’ve been following to find a chest.

Claiming the stone beak

This one contains the Stone Beak, completing our tour of early dungeon items.

Defeating Grim Creeper - Eagle’s Tower Miniboss and Finding the Nightmare Boss Key

Returning to the stone beak chest having cycled the barriers and heading upstairs

The next staircase you need to take is right next to the chest you’ve just opened – however, the barriers will need to be cycled first. Follow the lowered orange barriers all the way back to the central room and go and hit the gem switch you hit to achieve the last barrier swap.

From there, head back to the start of the dungeon (use Manbo’s Mambo if you don’t want to risk getting lost) and take the left exit you haven’t taken yet. Head up and you will find yourself back at the Compass chest. Take the stairs.

One-way door room clear of enemies

The next room contains some Zol (blob enemies) and some sparks to rid yourself of. Exit via the narrow passage at the bottom (we’ll return for the one-way door later).

Fighting the red Hinox for a Small Key and avoiding the pits

Without much fanfare, it’s a surprise miniboss. This Red Hinox is much the same as the Orange one you fought before. Avoid getting grabbed or bombed (it has difficulty with the right side of the room) and hit it with your sword until it croaks. A Small Key will drop as a reward.

Post fight, you can also drop down the lefthand pits here to reach the upper level in the room below. Head north for a Secret Seashell. Navigate back to this room and take the right exit.

The next room contains another set of Three-of-a-Kinds – feel free to deal with these now, but we will be back for them later (they give us a currently inaccessible chest). Continue heading right.

On the other side of the enclosed game switch on the second floor

You emerge into the room with the very first gem switch we encountered. Ensure that the orange platforms are down (throw a bomb into the enclosure if necessary) and head up the stairs to the third floor.

Third floor room with enemies and lowered orange barrier

With the orange barriers down, you will be able to walk around freely in the next room. Head through the narrow path at the top and follow the walkway to its end.

Miniboss encounter - Grim Creeper and his Bat Pals

The next doorway you enter leads to the main miniboss encounter for the Eagle’s Tower. This skeletal foe shouts down at you as the doors slam shut:

Hey, runt! You think you can take me?!
All right, boys, get this punk out of my face!

This delightful fellow is the Grim Creeper, and he summons a team of six Battle Bats. These pests surround you in a series of formations and must be killed as they charge at Link. If one or more bats is left alive, the Grim Creeper will helpfully explain where you’re going wrong:

Ha! You’re gonna have to do better than that!
If you leave even one alive, I can keep bringing more buddies to help! Here goes, short stuff!

The most effective strategy for taking them all out will vary slightly depending on the formation the bats get into, but the basic principle is the same – back yourself against a wall with as much distance to them as possible, and swipe with your sword as each approaches. Take out all six and you’ll outrage the Grim Creeper:

You lousy so-and-so! Those creeps were some of my best friends!
You’ll pay! I’ll never forget you!

This is all he has for you right now, however. Head through the upper right exit.

Pushing two blocks together for a hidden chest

Head into the next room and take out the Sparks using your boomerang (otherwise they will make things a little difficult). Push the two wooden blocks towards each other and a chest will appear in the upper right.

Hidden chest loot discovered - Nightmare key

This chest will contain the Nightmare Key – but there’s more to do on the lower levels before you get there.

Collapsing the Eagle’s Tower Upper Level

Returning to the Metal Ball room

Explore any more of the third floor and you’ll soon find that there isn’t much else to see up there. Instead, it is time to head to the second floor to use the large metal ball for its intended purpose.

Return to the first floor (consider using Manbo’s Mambo) and ensure that the blue barriers are raised and the orange ones are lowered (use the gem switch in the northeast if necessary). Once in the room with the metal ball, approach the Owl Statue to learn about your next task:

The riddle is solved when the pillars fall!

Try bombing the pillars you’ve encountered (or using any other item) and they won’t budge. The Metal Ball is the key here – you can move anywhere on the second floor with it, it will stay put where you drop it, but you cannot take it to another floor (you can’t climb stairs while carrying it, and if it falls into a hole it will respawn back in its starting room).

Use the lever and take the ball out via the left exit.

Destroying pillar one with the metal ball

Throw the ball at the pillar in the first pillar room and it will fall apart. Your next move will be to throw the ball to either of the exits on the lower part of the screen – either over the blue barriers on the left or the low fence on the right. Jump the gap on the right and retrieve the ball, then head down a screen.

Destroying pillar two with the metal ball

Take out the second pillar once you have thrown the ball to the main section of floor. Before taking the ball upwards, you should visit the gem switch in the room down the narrow corridor and cycle this so that orange barriers are raised.

Once you have the ball back in the first pillar room, take the left exit.

Leaving the metal ball in the pillar room three

In the third pillar room you will find that you cannot get the ball over the wooden blocks. Link will have to leave the ball in this room and find another way round (either leave it in the passage or head round to the left and throw it over the low wall).

Returning to the one-way door room to head to pillar three

Find your way back to the second floor room with the one-way door (this is one room up from where you fought the Hinox – the quickest route is to use Manbo’s Mambo, head left then up and take the stairs).

Dodging flying tiles en route to pillar three

Through the one-way door you will find a room where a series of orange tiles will be flung at you. It’s quite easy to dodge these if you get yourself in the corner and jump each tile as it reaches you. Once all tiles have been thrown, the exit on the right opens up.

Collapsing pillar number three with the retrieved metal ball

Retrieve the ball from where you left it (the lower wooden block can be pushed into the pit if you stowed it on the right) and throw it at the Pillar. There’s one more pillar to take out, and it’s in an area you haven’t yet reached.

Returning to the enclosed gem switch with the ball and throwing it beyond the barrier

Travel with the Metal Ball back to the enclosed Gem Switch. Throw the ball over the low wall, and find your way back to it (with blue barriers lowered, use Manbo’s Mambo, head to the room with the one-way door, head down, then right twice).

Having returned for the metal ball, throwing it over a gap in the room to the left

Once you have the ball, head left. We’ve brushed over this room previously, but there are several things to note/do:

  • If you haven’t already, the Three-of-a-Kinds should be stopped on the same suit in order to spawn the chest on the right
  • The Metal Ball can be thrown across the trench via the low wall
  • There is a cracked wall next to the Owl Statue

Once the ball and the chest are in position, let’s go in search of the other side of that cracked wall.

Returning to pillar room three to bomb a wall

Head back to the room where you destroyed the third pillar (via the one-way door and the tile throwing room) and look for a cracked wall on the lower left. Bomb it and go through, then follow the path down and bomb the cracked wall there.

Using the hookshot to meet up with the metal ball again

You’re back in the same room as the metal ball. The owl statue doesn’t have anything particularly useful to say (it only hints at the fact that you can throw the ball over low walls), so hookshot across the trench using the chest and head up with the ball.

Destorying the fourth and final pillar with the metal ball

Here’s pillar number four at last – chuck it at the pillar and watch the fireworks.

The top of the tower collapses

You will be shown an external view of the top of the tower as it crumbles, bringing the ladder on the outside within reach of the floor below. Cleverly, the effects are felt in the dungeon too – the fourth floor has collapsed into the third floor, altering the layout there.

Defeating the Eagle’s Tower Boss

Backtracking to the miniboss room to explore the altered third floor

You should now return to the third floor. By far the easiest way of doing this is to play Manbo’s Mambo to return to the start of the dungeon, and then step into the blue portal taking you to the room where you fought the Grim Creeper. Head out of the left-hand door.

Finding the nightmare door on the altered third floor

Instead of the walkway you may have been expecting, you emerge into a large two-level room. In the upper left you will find the Nightmare door – you have the key, so open it up.

The boss is actually a few rooms away at this point. Optionally, you can head up, then right to access another chess piece puzzle – the reward is a secret medicine (the lotion you get from Crazy Tracey), so if you’re not interested, skip over the solution.

Chess puzzle #2 - throwing the white piece

Firstly, you will want to use your mirror shield to disable the Beamos. Then, throw the white knight piece from the floor tile above the right receptacle.

Chess puzzle #2 - throwing the black piece

Throw the black knight piece from the floor tile above the left receptacle.

Claiming the secret medicine

A chest containing the secret medicine will spawn in the upper right of the room. Return back to the room above the Nightmare door.

Hookshotting across a gap on the way to the nightmare

Climb the steps in this room and shoot your hookshot across the gap. Head south and then take the open door to the right. You will be outside in a sidescrolling area – climb the ladder and stand on the top of the Tower.

Get ready for a fight, let's continue our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough by learning How To Defeat The Eagle's Tower Boss before heading Recusing Marin and heading to Turtle Rock.