Link climbs to summit of Eagle's Tower

In part eight of our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough, we will gather songs and allies necessary for accessing the tower in the Eastern Tal Tal Mountain Range, before tackling the twisting paths of the intriguing seventh dungeon: Eagle's Tower.

Preparing for and Travelling to the Mountain Tower

Learning the Frog’s Song of Soul from Mamu

As you exit the Face Shrine, the Owl arrives with a warning, and a tip on your next destination:

Hoot! The many monsters of this island fear that the Wind Fish is about to awaken!
The monsters’ power is real! They may conquer the island and destroy their foes! That day may come soon!
Now, go to the Mountain Tower! Fly like a bird! Hoot! Hoot!

As it happens, the ‘fly like a bird’ isn’t just a figure of speech – if you head to the mountains at this point you will eventually find that your lack of wings will block your progress.

Hookshotting across the pits in Ukuku Prairie

Rather than wasting a trip out to the Tal Tal Mountain Range, you should head to the south of Ukuku Prairie – there, you will find a series of pits that your Hookshot will help you cross.

Following the signposts to Mamu's undeground nightclub

Head south and you will find a field full of signposts. These signposts point you in one of four directions, looping round the field several times. The posts are easy enough to follow, if long-winded.

Final signpost in signpost puzzle

Eventually, you should come to one final signpost in the southwest corner of the field. Read it and it will indicate that your reward can be found to the right.

Stairs revealed leading to Mamu's underground nightclub

The camera will pan, showing a staircase appearing in a shallow trench in the soil – head down.

Mamu offers to play his frog song of soul for you

Looking uncannily like Wart from Super Mario Bros. 2, (“Mamu” is his Japanese name), you’ll find a frog offering to sing you a song for 300 rupees:

Ribbit! Ribbit! I’m Mamu, on vocals! But I don’t need to tell you that, do I? Everybody knows me!
What to hang out and listen to us jam?
For 300 rupees, we’ll let you listen to a previously unreleased cut!

Hand over the cash and watch the performance:

You’ve been a wonderful audience! No encores! Croak!

Link learns the Frog Song of Soul for his Ocarina

Link’s considerable musical skill means that he only needs to hear a song the once to be able to play a serviceable version of it on the Ocarina:

You’ve learned the Frog’s Song of Soul!
It’s a very moving tune… It can even liven up unliving things!

Mamu expands on this later point:

If you play this song, you’ll make everything around you feel more alive!

Resurrecting the Rooster

Pushing aside the Mabe Village weather vane

If you’re the type to poke around at every part of the world, you may have noticed that the weather vane in Mabe Village mentions how currently un-pushable it is (or if you’ve been there since the Face Shrine, you may have pushed it already). With your current strength you can nudge the weather vane aside to discover a secret tomb.

Link plays the Frog Song of Soul and resurrects the rooster

Go inside the tomb and you will find a pile of ancient chicken bones – it’s time to test out the revivifying properties of the Frog’s Song of Soul. Play the song on your Ocarina, and the Rooster will come alive once more. He’ll follow you for the next section of the game, and can be held to give Link the ability to hover above the ground.

Locating the Bird Key in the Eastern Tal Tal Mountain Range

Link climbs towards Tal Tal Mountain Range caves

Warp to either Manbo’s Pond (all versions) or Danpe’s shack (Switch only) and head to the Tal Tal Mountain Range cave system you took when locating the Angler’s Tunnel (take the second ladder from the right). The Owl will swoop in to confirm that you’re on the right track:

Hoot hoot! Your path is not easy, but you are almost there. Go east.
The Wind Fish is getting restless

Continue through the caves as before, and head east of the drop down to the Angler’s Tunnel.

Link climbs out of the water in Tal Tal Heights to head towards Bird Key Cave

Beyond the water here is a ladder to the upper level. Head west.

Link stands outside Bird Key cave with Rooster

Shortly, you and your rooster friend will come across a cave – take a look inside.

(If you arrive without the rooster, the guy in the shack north of here will mention that Ancient Chickens used to be able to fly – you are meant to intuit from this remark that you need to find and resurrect one).

Pushing stones to clear a path in Bird Key cave

Walk through the cave until you find a room filled with round push-able stones. Push them into the nearby pits to uncover the path in the upper left, then jump or fly over the gap to take the north exit.

Link flies with the rooster towards the Bird Key

The next room contains an impassable abyss – pick up the Chicken and fly to the land to the left.

Claiming the Bird Key

Climb the nearby steps and claim the Bird Key – now nothing stands in the way of your goal of entering the Mountain (Eagle) Tower.

Finding the cave leading to the Mountain Tower

Return all the way back to where you climbed the ladder to get to the cave’s level. Head east across the water and enter the cave you find there.

The ladder leading to the Mountain Tower

From this point the route is fairly straightforward, largely featuring single exits. There are a couple of cracked walls leading to a secret seashell and a fairy fountain to look out for, but the obvious path is generally the right path. Climb the ladder in the first outdoor area. The Owl Statue has the following message for you:


Continue following the path as it snakes in and out of the mountainside.

The entrance to the Mountain (Eagle's) Tower is revealed

Eventually you will reach the Tower – the keyhole for the Bird Key can be found to the left of the tower. Insert it and watch as the Tower rotates to reveal the entrance.

Strong progress. Let's continue our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough and enter Eagle's Tower before we learn How To Defeat Eagle's Tower Boss.