Well, the months of rumours, speculation and player wishes have finally come true, as Nintendo has revealed that SNES games are indeed headed to Nintendo Switch.

Just like the NES games already available on the console, this new SNES library will be available exclusively to Nintendo Switch Online members. The games will benefit from special online features such as the Rewind function, and a whopping 20 titles will be available when the new service begins.

Which games, we hear you ask? These beauties:

Alongside the games, Online members will also have the opportunity to snag this SNES-style controller for $29.99 / £26.99. More details on this will be shared soon.

So, when can you get stuck into all of these SNES games? Well, if the title of this article hasn't already given it away, the games are headed to Switch tomorrow – but only if you're in North America. European players will have to wait until Friday. Oh, and there's no additional cost, either.

Update: To clarify the situation further, we've heard from Nintendo UK that the SNES games will be going live in the UK at midnight (so Friday 6th September at 00:00). In CEST, that's 01:00 on the 6th September.

North American players can expect the games to drop on Thursday 5th as expected.