Pokemon Scarlet and Violet raise friendship
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How to raise friendship in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is much the same as always, but how to check friendship is a bit different this time.

Scarlet and Violet’s friendship checker is tucked away in one of the cities you visit roughly mid-way through your journey, but Paldea’s open world means you can get there faster than usual if you know the way.

This guide explains where to find the friendship checker and what you can do to get closer with your favorite 'mon.

How to raise friendship in Scarlet and Violet

You have a few methods at hand for raising friendship with your monster pals. One is using them in battle, as long as you don’t let them faint. Pokemon also grow more friendly when you use items on them, so don’t skimp on those EXP Candies and stat-boosting items if you need to make your Eevee or Igglybuff love you more.

At picnic tables, where you can make and eat sandwiches with your team, you can also choose to wash one of your Pokémon. Similar to brushing or playing with them in previous games, washing also raises your friendship with that Pokemon.

How to raise friendship Scarlet and Violet
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The easiest way to raise friendship is to press the “R” button to send your lead Pokemon out in auto-battle mode. Despite being called “auto-battle,” you can run around anywhere with your partner Pokémon and just enjoy each other’s company. In fact, accruing a certain number of steps in auto battle mode with Pawmi is the only way to evolve Pawmi into Pawmot.

Finally is the Soothe Bell, a hold item that makes your Pokémon grow friendlier if they hold onto it. You can buy the Soothe Bell from Chansey’s Goods in Mesagoza and Cascarrafa.

How to check friendship in Scarlet and Violet

Scarlet and Violet’s friendship checker is tucked away in the upper level of Cascarrafa, a large city on the outskirts of West Province Area One. You technically visit there during the Victory Road path for your fourth Gym battle, but you can take the path west from South Province Area Two and get there much earlier.

Team Star has the road into Cascaraffa blocked until you clear the Star Base nearby, but if you leap down into Asado Desert, you can go northeast and arrive in Cascarrafa’s lower level without issue. Make your way up to the city’s upper level via the waterwheel elevator, and you’ll find the friendship checker near the fountain there.

Scarlet and Violet Friendship checker
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The friendship checker only provides vague guidance for how close you are with three phrases.

  • You two seem neutral – low friendship
  • I’m sure you could get way friendlier – middling friendship
  • You’re the best friends ever – high friendship

That’s not very specific help if you’re trying to reach 160 friendship with Eevee, for example, but if you get the “best friends ever” message, you know you’re at least close.

Which Pokémon evolve with friendship in Scarlet and Violet?

Friendship evolution Scarlet and Violet
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These are the Pokémon you need to become close with to trigger evolution.

  • Igglybuff
  • Pichu
  • Azurill
  • Riolu
  • Happiny
  • Chansey
  • Eevee into Espeon – high friendship and level up during the day
  • Eevee into Umbreon – high friendship and level up at night
  • Sylveon – high friendship and level up while they know a Fairy move
  • Snom – high friendship and level up at night

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