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One of the best new features of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is the ability to send your Pokémon out into the field to auto-battle other Pokémon. This can be a great fast way to level up your whole team!

But how do you get your Pokémon to fly solo? Here's our guide to the new auto-battle mechanic!

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Auto-Battling Guide - Let's Go, and Walk With Pokémon

How to enable auto-battle

Very early on in the game — before you even get to Los Platos, where auto-battling is explained to you — you'll be able to send out the first Pokémon in your party by pressing the right shoulder button.

You can aim your Pokémon, either vaguely in a direction or with precision by holding down the left trigger, to determine what they will do. Aim the Pokémon towards another Pokémon to auto-battle it. Aim the Pokémon towards an item to pick it up.

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Sometimes the Pokémon will automatically continue in the same pattern, especially if there are other Pokémon or items nearby. You can aim into a group of Pokémon, like a flock of birds or a small gathering of Lechonks, to raise the likelihood that your Let's Go Pokémon will take out multiple all on their own.

How does auto-battle work?

There is one round, and you either win or lose.

Your Pokémon's level and type, and their opponent's level and type, will determine who wins a battle. You won't go into the battle interface, and you won't need to have any input — it's all automatic.

Your Pokémon will get a small amount of XP, and the rest of your Pokémon team will get half of that (rounded down).

Be careful, though — your Pokémon can lose health during these auto-battles, and although they won't faint, their health can be lowered to 1HP, and then they won't be able to auto-battle until healed.

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You also won't be able to catch a Pokémon during auto-battle, so make sure not to send out your Pokémon if there are rare or uncaught Pokémon in the area!

You'll also get some Pokémon materials, which can be used in the TM Machine to create new TMs.

What is Let's Go?

It's the name for the auto-battle feature, which is a new mechanic for the mainline Pokémon games that's similar to how Pokémon Legends: Arceus let you throw out your Pokémon without needing to go into battle.

When you initiate Let's Go with your lead Pokémon by pressing the right shoulder button while aiming at a wild Pokémon, they will be able to move around the area on their own, auto-battling and finding items.

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What is Walk With Pokémon?

Walk With Pokémon is the non-violent version of Let's Go! By pressing the right trigger button, you can throw out your lead Pokémon without instructing them to fight. They'll walk alongside you unless you get too far away.

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