How to get Eevee Scarlet and Violet
Image: Nintendo Life

How to get Eevee in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet takes a bit of patience and luck, but if you persevere, there’s nothing stopping you from assembling a team of Eevee-lutions as early as the third Gym in Levincia. Eevee remains as rare as ever, but Scarlet and Violet’s open world makes resetting the nearby Pokémon easier than ever. Once you have at least one or two in your party, you can give up the search and keep making your own Eevee.

In this guide, we cover where to find Eevee and what Eevee evolutions you can get.

How to get Eevee in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Eevee location

Eevee’s Pokédex description says it’s only rarely sighted, and that isn’t an exaggeration. Eevee only appears in two places across Paldea: the fields near Cortondo in South Province and outside Medali in West Province.

Eevee location Scarlet and Violet
Image: Nintendo Life

Your chances of encountering an Eevee once you arrive in these areas is still low, but you can step inside the boundaries of Cortondo or Medali and go back out to reset the Pokémon in the surrounding area.

To make the process a bit easier, hop on Koraidon or Miraidon, run around the fields outside either town, then cross the boundary line, and race back out to repeat the process. It took us about 10 minutes in the olive groves around Cortondo to find one Eevee and then we didn’t find another for a further 15 minutes.

If you want more than one or two, your best bet for getting multiple Eevee is through breeding. Check out our Scarlet and Violet breeding guide for more details.

Eevee evolutions (Eevee-lutions) - How to evolve Eevee

Eevee Scarlet and Violet
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Eevee has no new evolutions in Scarlet and Violet, but you still have enough varieties to fill an entire team, with one leftover. Here’s what Eevee can turn into and how. You’ll need evolution stones for most of them.

  • Jolteon (Electric type) – Use a Thunder Stone
  • Vaporeon (Water type) – Use a Water Stone
  • Flareon (Fire type) – Use a Fire Stone
  • Glaceon (Ice type)– Use an Ice Stone
  • Leafeon (Grass type) – Use a Leaf Stone
  • Espeon (Psychic type) – Raise friendship to 160 and level Eevee up during the day
  • Umbreon (Dark type) – Raise friendship to 160 and level Eevee up at night
  • Sylveon (Fairy type) – Raise friendship to 160, teach Eevee a Fairy-type move, and level it up

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