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Image: Nintendo Life

Now that we've got the Speed Boost ability we need to use it a couple of times as we make our way up from the E.M.M.I. area in which we retrieved it to Dairon's yellow teleporter, which is located in the north east of the region, right beside the save station, as shown in our map below.

Once you make your way up here, you need to shinespark from the location we have pictured, straight up through three levels of speed boost block, where you'll hit the ceiling then grab a ledge - there's a missile tank upgrade here for your troubles - then drop down to the left hand side to enter the teleporter to Artaria.

Now that we're back in Artaria we're going to go grab your next upgrade, the Grapple Beam, and happily this new ability isn't too far away. Take a look at the map below and you can see Samus stood at the yellow teleporter we just arrived in, you can also see a red marker indicating a speed block wall you need to boost through and a yellow marker showing the location of the Grapple Beam itself.

Head out the wide beam door to your immediate left at the teleporter and make your way to the speed block wall, get a run up from the right and leap over the gap to crash through it and you'll come to a vertical area that you'll need to shoot your way up, using the beam blocks to climb as the rematerialize.

Once up to the top, head right and you'll enter an area with a red missile door in the bottom right corner. Blast this door open and keep on heading right to find the statue room and your next ability. Nicely done!

Need a little more help with where to go now that you've got your Grapple Beam? Check out our guide!