Metroid Dread Where To Go After You Get Flash Shift
Image: Nintendo Life

Now that we've acquired the Flash Shift ability we are going to head right back to Dairon and in order to do so we want to find a new shuttle area in Burenia that's not too far away from where we picked up our newest ability.

Starting out from where we nabbed the Flash Shift, as shown below, we are going to head left, save our game then head up and right — you can grab the energy tank here by flash shifting onto the magnet pad — and head through the pressure sensitive door to a new area.

Just keep on moving along as indicated in our maps and you'll come to the area where we've got our red icon below that contains a platform floating on water. Jump down to the bottom of this area, under the water, and take out the explosive wall sections to your left and right sides.

Doing this will lower the water level and you can now head up and across the platform, jump across the gap, explode the wall blocking your path and head onwards to the shuttle area to Dairon!

Once in Dairon our next objective is nearby. We want to move directly from the shuttle area to the nearby E.M.M.I. zone in order to destroy the Central Unit and then take down the region's yellow E.M.M.I., gaining ourselves the Speed Boost ability in the process.

The first map below shows our starting position in Dairon and also the location of the Central Unit that we're making our way towards.

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Image: Nintendo Life

Follow the direction shown in our next map below just a short distance and you'll arrive at the entrance to the E.M.M.I. zone. Head in and make a beeline for the pressure sensitive door we've pinpointed and pictured below. Take care here too as the yellow E.M.M.I. is close to the point at which you've entered its zone.

Once through the pressure door, head on up and to the right as shown below and you'll arrive at the Central Unit. Take this enemy down in a quick and easy fight, charge up your Omega Cannon and go take down the E.M.M.I. to score yourself the Speed Boost upgrade. Good job!

Need some help with where to go now you've got the speed boost ability? We've got a guide for that!

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