Metroid Dread What To Do When You Arrive In Cataris
Image: Nintendo Life

You've grabbed your Phantom Cloak, blasted through a couple of sensor doors on Artaris and made your way to Cataris. That's great! However, once you arrive in the second region of the game, things can be a little bit confusing if you don't quite know what you're expected to do next. Luckily we can quickly help point you towards the next critical point in your adventure. Let's take a look!

On your first visit to Cataris you want to be making your way immediately to a shuttle area that will bring you to the next area in the game, Dairon, where you'll need to go pick up the Wide Beam. In order to do this we are going to have to do some redirecting of lava via a handful of interactive devices, sneak through an E.M.M.I. zone and heads north eastwards to our target.

First things first though, as soon as you land on Cataris shoot the walls to the left of the elevator, as the initial way forward is hidden from you here!

Metroid Dread What To Do When You Arrive In Cataris 1
Image: Nintendo Life

From this point you shouldn't have too much trouble as your choices with regards to moving around on Cataris at this stage are pretty limited and you'll soon find you are looping back around on yourself. It's a big area, for sure, but it's also one that you can't push through too much as you'll find your progress halted by locked doors. Just keep pushing through areas that you can access, redirect every thermal flow device you find and investigate as much of the E.M.M.I. zone as you can.

However, the real sticking point you'll encounter here is actually finding the way up and out of the central part of the map and onwards to the shuttle area in the north east that takes you to Dairon, and this can be a little confusing because the path to the north is sneakily blocked by a magnet lift that you'll find in the location marked on the map below.

You need to hang from the bottom of this lift in order to pull it down, then make your way around to the right and up to the room which now has its left side opened. Grab the energy tank here and proceed upwards and to the east on a simple path to reach the shuttle to your next destination where you'll be grabbing the Wide Beam, an essential tool for returning to Cataris and making some proper progress towards your next big boss fight!

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