Metroid Dread Hard Mode

OK, so you like your games really tough or you're a Metroid monster whose only real concern is playing this new entry in the franchise on its hardest difficulty. Well, unfortunately for you, you're going to have to be a little bit patient — the only way to unlock hard mode in Metroid Dread is to play through the game once on its more inviting (but still pretty testing) Normal Mode.

Yes, in order to unlock Hard Mode here you'll need to complete the game in Normal Mode, guide Samus successfully to the end of this new adventure, enjoy the final cutscene, applaud during the credits and you'll be rewarded with a whole new difficulty against which to pit your wits.

Metroid Dread Unlock Hard Mode

Tougher enemies, more ferocious boss encounters and lots more await you in this deadlier mode but in the meantime, at the very least, Normal Mode can be seen as a great training ground on which to hone your skills, get your counter-timings correct, know your way around the maps and have an idea how to beat the bosses before committing to the ultimate test.

If you're gonna be jumping straight into Hard Mode as soon as you get done we wish you the best of luck. You are 100% going to need it!

This guide is part of our Metroid Dread walkthrough and guide series, which includes all ability locations, all missile tank locations, all energy tank locations, all energy parts, all suit upgrades, all power bomb tanks, plus every compatible amiibo unlock, E.M.M.I. and boss battle tips, and other helpful tips to help you get through the game and get those post-game unlocks.